The plight of those living in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is to be highlighted across West Yorkshire by students from Bradford University and the family of a doctor working in the war-ravaged country.
Bradford couple Ben and Kongosi Mussanzi, who fled the DRC 11 years ago, have a daughter, Dr Mapenzi Mussanzi, living in Goma in DRC, who is helping those wounded in the conflicts with the medical charity Heal Africa.
Mr Mussanzi has helped raise £562 for Heal Africa after rebel group M23 captured Goma, the main city in the east of DRC in November.
M23 have now retreated to the suburbs, but Mr Mussanzi said he had heard reports that they were still looting houses at night.
Mr Mussanzi, who lives in Otley Road, Bradford, and is a community development officer for Sharing Voices, a Bradford mental health organisation, wants to keep highlighting the plight of people in DRC.
He is meeting with students from Africa, Japan and China who are studying locally, on January 9, to organise a public meeting for Bradfordians to hear about the troubles in DRC.
If that meeting is a success, they hope to strike up links with other universities across Yorkshire.
Mr Mussanzi said: “We have been to the House of Commons to lobby MPs about the allegation that the UK was supporting Rwanda, and the next day we heard the UK was stopping aid to Rwanda. We have raised money to help Heal Africa and people can go to their website to donate.
“I am also in discussion with students from the University to have a meeting at Sharing Voices, then a hopefully a meeting  Bradford University.”
The move comes after Mr Mussanzi and his wife took part in a peace vigil in the city, organised by the Bradford Congo Campaign, a coalition of organisations and individuals including Bradford Centre Resolution Conflicts, Bradford Rape Crisis and Holme Wood Ethnic Minorities.