Inconsiderate parking by parents dropping their children off at a Baildon primary school “rules the lives” of neighbouring homeowners, according to a resident.

Earlier this month, Bradford Council was handed a petition signed by 52 people who live near Baildon C of E school asking for traffic management around the Bartle Gill Drive area to prevent the road becoming clogged with cars during the school run.

Last Wednesday evening the petition went before the Council’s Shipley Area Committee. They decided to investigate the situation but because of its workload this will not happen until April at the earliest.

Simon D’Vali, principal highways engineer for the Shipley area, admitted it was a problem, but said: “We need to do a lot of work to figure out what we can do. It should be investigated at the very least.”

The school has recently stopped parents driving on to school property for safety reasons and residents say traffic on their roads has got worse since.

Councillor Debbie Davies said children could be encouraged to use school buses to cut down on cars entering the road.

David Heseltine, chairing the meeting, said: “We can’t cajole schools into doing things they don’t want to do. It does frustrate us that schools do things and everyone else has to pick up the pieces.

“It won’t be a quick solution.”

Marjorie Hall, of Bartle Gill Drive, was one of the residents behind the petition, and she attended Wednesday’s meeting.

She said: “The Council listened and it seems they intend to do something about it, but unfortunately they can’t do anything about it until April. I think something will be done – as to what I don’t know. We would prefer it if school traffic didn’t come down here at all.

“If parents were a bit more sensible when they were parking and a bit more sensitive to residents it might not have come to this.

“Some park on corners or park on the pavement. It rules my life. If I’m out I have to try and get home for three. If I’m not I’ll go for a coffee somewhere until the traffic is gone.”

Headteacher Michael Curtain was not available for comment.

l Bradford Council is to hold further discussions with Bingley residents and Myrtle Park School over a contentious proposal to prevent cars parking on Sycamore Avenue by painting “School Keep Clear” road markings.