Proposals which are aimed at stopping motorists using the wrong lane to skip the queues at the busy Odsal roundabout are to be brought forward next year.

In the meantime police have warned that drivers using the nearside lane at the Rooley Avenue entrance to the junction who then attempt to force their way in on the roundabout could be prosecuted for inconsiderate and careless driving.

The local neighbourhood policing team has been working with Bradford Council’s highways department to see what can be done to change the road layout. It has been confirmed that a review of the road lining is to be included in the next traffic programme, but will need final approval from the Bradford South Area Committee.

The proposal involves making sure the lanes of Staygate roundabout, Rooley Avenue and Odsal roundabout are marked out to ensure that traffic is flowing properly and taking the most appropriate lanes, while manoeuvring in the safest possible manner, engineers explained.

Inspector Alan Rhees-Cooper said: “The police have worked very closely with the highways department in the Council who I have found very supportive. I can now announce that it has been agreed that changes to the road layout at Odsal roundabout will be included in next year’s schedule of works subject to final approval by the South Area Committee, which we anticipate will be forthcoming.

“However, in the interim, I would like to reinforce the necessity of complying with the current road markings for all the reasons stated before. Those who continue to drive in the nearside lane to jump the queue of traffic and then force their way in on the roundabout will be liable to prosecution for inconsiderate and careless driving.

“My officers will continue to police this issue throughout the winter. Do not spoil your Christmas by being prosecuted.”

The Council’s principal engineer Darren Badrock said: “Proposals to review the road lining will be included in next year’s traffic measures programme which will go before a meeting of Bradford South Area Panel next March.”