Big, brash and bold – what else would you expect from an 11-piece band calling themselves Bellowhead.

Sheer brilliance shone from the manic, frantic performance that revelled in sounds not ever meant for delicate ears.

From tender and not so tender ballads to tales of black beetle pies, mining and sweethearts sailing off to Australia ten thousand miles away, tunes and jigs reeled one after the other with no let up.

At times the sound got so frenzied, verging on rock, it was like being in a mad scientists’ laboratory, the evocative lighting well and truly set the scene.

With jigging room only in the stalls there weren’t many inches spare – the precision of this band is impressive given the tuneful chaos they conjure.

It was four years since Bellowhead was last in Bradford, let’s hope theywon’t leave it so long again.