A family whose pet cat was ripped apart by two dogs while a gang of boys stood by and laughed, fears the horrific attack might have been staged as a form of sick sport.

Michelle Kear’s 15-year-old daughter watched in terror as the attack occurred outside their home in Bowness Avenue, Ravenscliffe, Bradford.

Miss Kear, who was out at work at the time, said she got a panic-stricken phone call from home as it was happening and could only hear her daughter and her sister screaming and shouting.

“My sister was at the house looking after my daughter and they’d gone to the door when they heard Tigger making a horrid crying sound.

“She was being ragged by what we think was a Staffy and a lurcher, they each had one end of her, ripping her, it was horrific.

“There was a group of lads in the street laughing and watching it happen, the dogs ran off with the cat and the lads went too.”

Miss Kear added: “I know of two other incidents just the same as this that have happened on this street and just round the corner in the past months which makes me think these lads are doing it for sport, they are just sick in the head.”

Miss Kear and her daughter went searching for Tigger but the next day got a call from a local veterinary surgery breaking the news that a man had found their cat’s remains.

“Tigger was a rescue cat. We got her from the RSPCA about nine or ten years ago, she was part of the family,” Miss Kear said.

“She was microchipped so that’s how they identified her.

“We’re heartbroken about this but it’s turned to anger because of those lads.”

Miss Kear said she had contacted the police but been told to report it to Bradford Council’s dog warden – which she did.

“I’m thinking of putting up some notices in the shops round here warning people to keep a look out.

“If it’s happened a few times already it could happen again.

“People need to be made aware and so do these boys’ parents if anyone knows who they are.

“I know sometimes dogs do go for cats but in this case the boys were responsible and should not be allowed to get away with it. If I can help stop this from happening to anyone else’s pet then that’s good.”

A police spokesman said because the incident was animals attacking an animal it was not a police matter.

No-one at Bradford Council was available to comment.