Moving tale of the Bradford Pals’ fate

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

11:44am Monday 6th October 2014

The Bradford Pals by Ralph N Hudson Fourth edition

Debut novel brings a dark tale of love

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

7:00pm Monday 22nd September 2014

Be Careful What You Wish For, by Cindy Wallace available on Amazon, £10.98

My wonderful life with beloved Rosie

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

11:31am Monday 15th September 2014

The Bookie and the Baptist Girl, by Alan Cain

Messages from overseas

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

11:28am Monday 1st September 2014

WE SOMETIMES say that this column brings people together. Peter Dyson’s reflections on his 1940s rough-and-tumble childhood in Bradford, published in the T&A on July 19, prompted a response from somebody he used to play with in the quarries near Bolton Woods.

Gothic romp revels in shadowy secrets

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

11:24am Monday 1st September 2014

THE back-cover blurb of The Quick, by Yorkshire author Lauren Owen, goes to great pains to NOT tell you exactly what this book is about.

Comic capers with Uncle Bob

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: (8367838)

12:27pm Monday 21st July 2014

Uncle Bob Adventures

New book captures the dark side of the seaside

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: (7828385)

3:41pm Friday 4th July 2014

Beside The Seaside

The unravelling of one man’s daily life

9:11am Tuesday 6th May 2014

Michael Marshall – We Are Here (Orion, £7.99) *** 

J B Priestley's stories are a real pleasure

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: J B Priestley

9:10am Tuesday 6th May 2014

What A Life! Selected Short Stories by J B Priestley Turnpike Books, £8

Celebration of Yorkshire art

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Tom Wood’s portrait of Alan Bennett is featured in a book celebrating Yorkshire in the world of art

9:18am Monday 28th April 2014

Art And Yorkshire: From Turner To Hockney, Edited by Jane Sellars, Great Northern Books, £20

The 'Bantams' who went to war

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The 'Bantams' who went to war

9:46am Monday 14th April 2014

Bloodied But Unbowed: A Story Of Two Yorkshire Bantams In World War 1, by Norman A Brooke, Fast Print Publishing at £8.99

Memories of a neighbourhood

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Doris in 1947

11:33am Monday 7th April 2014

Living On Leeds Road In The 1930s, by Doris Williams, Laisterdyke Local History Group

Daughter disappearance mystery for sceptical professor

9:05am Monday 24th March 2014

Andrew Pyper – The Demonologist (Orion Fiction, £7.99) ****

The dark side of textile success

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Murder By Gaslight In Victorian Bradford by Mark Davis

9:04am Monday 24th March 2014

Murder By Gaslight In Victorian Bradford by Mark Davis Amberley Publishing, £14.99

Cold revenge in gripping finale

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Ted Evans has published another novel, Mooncar

9:34am Monday 17th March 2014

Mooncar by Edward Evans Worthside Holdings, £12.99

Short stories' big impression

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A Call In The Night by Gabrielle Leimon

9:27am Monday 10th March 2014

A Call In The Night, by Gabrielle Leimon; Cowboy Genes, by Wes Lee; and Escape Kit, by William Thirsk Gaskill All published by Grist Books, at £5.99

Surprises abound in frothy chick-lit

9:08am Monday 3rd March 2014

Veronica Henry – Love On The Rocks (Orion Books, £7.99) ****

Andy Kershaw's straight talk is very engaging

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: No Off Switch by Andy Kershaw

9:07am Monday 3rd March 2014

No Off Switch by Andy Kershaw Buster Press, £10.99

Names spark a great journey

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Above left, Lawry Byford, aged 19, drafted to war in 1944. Above right, Larry Byford, aged 21, drafted to war in 1966

12:00pm Monday 24th February 2014

A Name On A Wall: Two Men, Two Wars, Two Destinies by Mark Byford Mainstream Publishing, £18.99

Who's who at the waterside

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The ubiquitous Mallard

11:00am Monday 10th February 2014

Know Your Ducks by Hack Byard Old Pond Publishing, £4.99

Case reveals some personal secrets

9:49am Monday 3rd February 2014

Charlaine Harris – Shakespeare’s Counselor (Orion, £7.99) ***

World's cities come alive in 3D

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: My Pop-up City Atlas by Jonathan Litton and Stephen Waterhouse

9:41am Monday 3rd February 2014

My Pop-up City Atlas by Jonathan Litton and Stephen Waterhouse Templar Publishing, £14.99

Guiding walkers from west coast to east

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Robin Hood’s Bay, where the coast to coast walk ends in Chris and Tony Grogan’s route guide

9:42am Monday 27th January 2014

One day I will walk across Northern England from St Bees Head on the Irish Sea coast to Robin Hood’s Bay, approximately 190 miles westwards on the North Sea coast.

Rail heritage is kept on track

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A steam engine on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, featured in Julian Holland’s book

9:41am Monday 20th January 2014

Railway Days Out: A Visitor’s Guide To Britain’s Railway Heritage by Julian Holland A A Publishing, £12.99

Pulling power of family cars

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A 1923 Short-Two taking part in a reliability trial

9:09am Monday 13th January 2014

Jowetts Of The 1920s by Noel Stokoe Amberley Publishing, £14.99

From Arksey to Yokenthwaite - Yorkshire Liffs

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Joe Moorwood with son Noah

12:00pm Saturday 14th December 2013

The Yorkshire Meaning Of Liff by Joe Moorwood Great Northern Books, £5.99

The teenagers who went to war

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Moving off to the front along a communication trench during the First World War

5:00pm Sunday 1st December 2013

They Did Not Grow Old by Tim Lynch Spellmount, £12.99

Eric Portman, the actor true to his home town

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Halifax-born Eric Portman brought the entire cast of West End play Separate Tables to the Yorkshire town to raise money for the Grand Theatre

9:40am Monday 11th November 2013

Our Eric, by Andy Owens, Sigma Leisure, £9.99

Scandal hits village as affair comes to light

9:23am Monday 4th November 2013

Rebecca Shaw – A Village in Jeopardy (Orion, £7.99) **

Gripping tale of love and hope

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The Girl With No Name by Marina Chapman

9:08am Monday 4th November 2013

The Girl With No Name by Marina Chapman Mainstream Publishing, £7.99

Retracing lives of the Brontes

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: In The Footsteps Of The Brontes

9:18am Monday 21st October 2013

In The Footsteps Of The Brontes by Mark Davis and Ann Dinsdale Amberley Publishing, £14.99

Glitz and glamour

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Glitz and glamour

1:34pm Monday 14th October 2013

Behind The Candelabra (Cert 15, 118 mins). Starring Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Rob Lowe, Dan Aykroyd, Scott Bakula, Debbie Reynolds, Cheyenne Jackson ****

The First World War explained

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: IN ACTION: DLI soldiers in the First World War

1:33pm Monday 14th October 2013

100 Years On... The British In The First World War by Frank White Micawber Books, £6.99

Insight into a royal romance

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Charles I with his wife Henrietta Maria and children

12:15pm Monday 30th September 2013

A Royal Passion by Katie Whitaker Phoenix, £9.99; eBook, £5.99

Gothic mystery set in the Dales

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Steve Manthorp

11:30am Monday 23rd September 2013

Jackdaw published by Steve Manthorp, £9.99

Pair find adventure on the high seas

9:08am Monday 9th September 2013

William Napier – The Last Crusaders: Blood Red Sea (Orion Fiction, £7.99) **

Football hero George Best is remembered

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Immortal: The Approved Biography of George Best by Duncan Hamilton

9:02am Monday 9th September 2013

Immortal: The Approved Biography of George Best by Duncan Hamilton Century Books, £20

Satan's Reach - A world of ideas on the universe

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Eric Brown

9:08am Tuesday 27th August 2013

Haworth-born Eric Brown is surely one of the hardest-working and most prolific writers working in the science fiction field today.

Peeling away layers of memories

8:49am Monday 22nd July 2013

Liz Fenwick – The Cornish House (Orion, £7.99) ****

Centuries of change in city

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The Story Of Bradford by Alan Hall, The History Press, £18.99

8:49am Monday 22nd July 2013

The Story Of Bradford by Alan Hall The History Press, £18.99

Window on a world of education

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Guard House Primary School, Keighley, 2005

8:58am Monday 8th July 2013

Classroom Portraits by Julian Germain Prestel, £40

Inside mind of a troubled child

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Anne Fine

4:26pm Monday 1st July 2013

Blood Family by Anne Fine Random House, £12.99

Pioneers who shaped society

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Roger Osborne

3:16pm Monday 17th June 2013

Iron, Steam & Money: The Making Of The Industrial Revolution, by Roger Osborne, Bodley Head, £25

Davie's dark past revealed

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: John Samson’s short novel is set on the titular island off the coast of North Ayrshire, where mystery and wrong-doing is rife

4:00pm Monday 10th June 2013

Horse Island by John Samson Book Guild Publishing, £15.99

Tale of young love is a real tear-jerker

8:50am Tuesday 28th May 2013

Rainbow Rowell – Eleanor And Park (Orion Books, £7.99) ****

Village heroes lifted the cup

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Coal, Goals And Ashes by David P Waddington

8:49am Tuesday 28th May 2013

Coal, Goals And Ashes by David P Waddington Route, £12.99

Imagination will run wild

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Award-winning Bradford writer, actress and TV Trish Cooke

11:20am Monday 20th May 2013

Look Back! by Trish Cooke Papilotte Press, £6.99

Factory lives are compared in children's book

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: One of the wonderful illustrations by Nick Tankard from Mystery At The Mill

9:12am Monday 13th May 2013

Those familiar with the black and white drawings of Nick Tankard at Salts Mill can see more of his work in a newly-published book, Mystery At The Mill, a story by Elspeth Rawstron, in which working conditions of children in Victorian mills are paralleled by sweatshop labour on the Indian Sub-Continent.

How The Beatles changed politics in the USSR

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: How The Beatles Rocked The Kremlin: The Untold Story Of A Noisy Revolution by Leslie Woodhead

9:16am Monday 13th May 2013

How The Beatles Rocked The Kremlin: The Untold Story Of A Noisy Revolution by Leslie Woodhead (Bloomsbury, priced £12.99)

Walks on Bradford's doorstep

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Five Rise Locks, with the buildings of Bingley beyond

9:12am Monday 29th April 2013

Stepping Out From Leeds And Bradford, by Keith Wadd, Ramblers’ Association West Riding Area, £7.50


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