SIR - China is without doubt the cruellest country on earth.

Apart from what the Government of China does to its own people, what the people do to animals is unbelievable.

Bears, cats and dogs live in absolute torture for all of their lives. Bears in particular are trapped in cages for 15 or more years unable to move and in constant pain while the Chinese extract bile from them, exaggerating the benefits which are non-existent.

Personally I would, and I think our Government and all civilised countries should, force conditions out of the Chinese to change their culture before we continue to trade, and certainly before engaging in the Olympic Games.

Personally I have tried not buy anything made in China which is almost impossible. Our businesses tend to trade blindfolded and so does the rest of the world.

We should say we will participate with China in all commercial and sport activities only when human rights are observed.

Leslie Dobson, Stonecroft, Bradford