A MYSTERY Banksy-style artist has performed a light-hearted makeover on a Bradford archway - and promises more surprises will be popping up in future.

Legendary strongman Samson appeared just days ago in Little Germany, seemingly pushing apart two stone pillars.

The visual pun is a nod to the Old Testament where it is said Samson killed 3,000 of his enemies by pushing apart keystone pillars and bringing down a Philistine temple where he was being held captive.

But the street artist behind the work is shrouded in mystery, going only by the alias of 'Moonie'.

The bricked-up stone door arch, in Church Bank, is all that remains now of a building levelled around 50 years ago to make way for a car park. Its new look was commissioned by the Little Germany Action Group, a non-profit organisation working to revitalise the conservation area.

Little Germany Action director Dave West said while the stone pillars were old and beautiful, the way they had been poorly bricked-up made them look a little sad.

He said: "We asked local artists to submit ideas for the arch and by group decision we felt Moonie's take on the arch was the most appropriate and appealed to the group's sense of humour.

"We feel that by creating a vibrant cultural place with visually appealing art such as Moonie's Samson, we enhance the lives of people working and living in Little Germany."

He said more of Moonie's artwork was set to crop up in area in the near future, but was tight-lipped about the artist's true identity.

"If I told you that, I'd have to kill you," he said.

Speaking through a third party to protect his identity, Moonie said: "I like visual puns and old movies. It wasn’t long before I realised the pillars were begging to be used as the pillars of the Philistine temple.

"I guess the 1950 movie with Victor Mature left a lasting impression on me.

"I already have my next idea, involving cartoon characters - those that made me laugh as a kid. I shall say no more for the moment."