THREE young dog-walkers who sprang into action when they saw flames spreading through grassland in a Bradford park impressed firefighters so much they are now being nominated for a community award.

Sisters Claudia and Emma Reynolds, aged 14 and ten, were out walking with friend Ariella Ryan, 12, and her pet dog when they noticed the flames at Tong Park.

It is believed the fire was started from a carelessly discarded cigarette but the girls enlisted help from an angler who was nearby. He gave them a towel, which they were still using to beat out the flames when fire crews arrived - despite the fire having spread to cover an area of around 50 metres by ten metres.

The fire had been close to reaching the cricket pitch in the park by the time it was extinguished and the girls' actions could have helped prevent damage.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman Phil Brown, from the Shipley station, said: "When we arrived we intervened and took over from them. They had done very well and we will be putting them up for a community award."

Simon Reynolds, the sisters' father, of Park Lane, Baildon, said he was "immensely proud" of the girls' efforts.

He added: "We have been to the park and a bigger area then I had expected was involved in the fire. It was very close to the cricket pitch and it is lucky it didn't spread onto there.

"Having seen it, its clear they were tremendously brave and you have to be proud of them for that.

"I think they are a bit embarrassed by the attention, but they are made up because people are saying nice things about them."

Ariella said the girls had seen smoke and gone to investigate.

"It was much smaller when we got there and we tried to stamp it out but it was spreading quickly," she said.

They continued to fight the flames until firefighters arrived, taking special care to protect a nearby fence and trees from damage.

"I think the fire service were shocked that we had put most of the fire out using a towel," she said.

The girls were on holiday from school when the drama happened, on Thursday afternoon.

Claudia and Ariella attend a comprehensive in Guiseley and Emma is at Hoyle Court Primary School in Baildon.