One Man Two Guvnors
The Alhambra

The theatre has been in stitches this week since this broader than a barn door comedy came to town for a six night run.

A slapstick farce, Richard Bean's production revels in the quintessentially British humour of Benny Hill and the Carry On series, and mines the classic comedy tropes of mistaken identity, deceit and misunderstanding to tell the story of a chancer who gets caught in the middle of an elaborate love-murder plot.

Anchored by lead Gavin Spokes as Francis Henshall the show had the packed out audience laughing out loud. When a starving Henshall asked if anyone had a sandwich there was a bizarre moment when two of the audience shouted that they had. Spokes then went on an extended ad lib, barely containing his laughter and asking them "Have you ever been to the theatre before? This isn't a pantomime you know."

The audience were hysterical and with the whole cast playing fast and loose with the material, I'd expect more gems. Runs until Saturday.