Charity collectors have been warned to stick to legal guidelines after West Yorkshire Police received complaints about impromptu collections for Gaza and Syria.

Police have said they received a "small number of public complaints" about recent collections and said that although most collections were well intentioned, it was still important for those collecting to make sure people knew the money they are donating is going to the right place.

A police spokesman said: "Over the past few weeks the events in Gaza and Syria in particular, have led to increased concern among local communities, along with increased appeals and fund raising. "This has been particularly the case in the recent month of Ramadan, when charitable giving in the Muslim community traditionally increases.

"While spontaneous street collections are probably well intentioned, it’s difficult for the public to verify that they are giving to a genuine charity."

They have advised anyone wanting to donate to a charity collection to ask for the charity name and registration number, check for ID of the person collecting and check to see if they have the authority to collect in that area.