NEIGHBOURS living close to a field where travellers have dumped rubble and human excrement say it is time for the caravans to move on.

The first caravans, trucks and cars arrived on the site two weekends ago and residents concerned about the rubble and mess being dropped say enough is enough.

Clayton Church of England Primary School, which is next to the field on Bradford Road, had to cancel its school summer gala last Saturday and some people who walk their dogs on the recreation area have been avoiding it.

Yesterday, a member of school staff was inspecting the site, but said she could not comment.

Those living next to and across from the site did not want to be named, but one man said: "The sooner they've gone, the better. I don't mind the travellers, it's up to them what they do, but if they left things how they found it, it wouldn't be so bad."

He said when his family went away in caravans they made sure to dispose of waste from toilets properly.

"But these people don't - they just throw it in the hedge. It's not on. If I did it they'd pursue it, but these people get away with it."

The resident said his grandchild was a pupil at the primary school and a red tape had been put up and children told not to go beyond it to avoid faeces left on the ground.

He said a wall should be built to stop travellers accessing the site, which would cost far loss than the court proceedings to move on the 25 to 30 vehicles and the subsequent clean-up

Another resident said she called police when the travellers arrived and was told more than 30 people had also phoned.

The 72-year-old said although the travellers had not been noisy, they had stopped her walking her dog on the field and questioned who would pay to clean-up several mounds of rubble, concrete and dirt which had been piling-up since their arrival.

"The first day they went out and did whatever they do in their wagons then came and dumped the first lot and they've done the same every day since," she said.

About 12 caravans were on the land yesterday, along with vans, cars and trucks advertising paving services.

"They run up and down like they own the field," she said.

"You can't say they're horrible, but you get used to doing things and you don't like somebody to come and take over."

She said neighbours had been approached by some of the travellers who were trying to gather support so they could stay.

Bradford Council obtained a county court possession order which was to be served on the travellers yesterday afternoon with the aim of moving them on today.