MORE than 50 frustrated neighbours have signed a petition calling for bollards on their street to stop drivers using it as a race track.

Parents fear for their children's safety after near misses involving speeding drivers and teenagers revving quad bikes down a steep embankment which drops on to the road in Holme Wood, Bradford.

Alisa Jackson, who has lived on Wenborough Lane for a year, said: "You can't even go to the shop without fearing for your life on this road."

The mother-of- three said drivers race along the road most evenings.

"I think I once saw someone do about 60mph. It's like a race track here," she added.

Her home is close to a bend which drivers speed around most evenings with the problem getting steadily worse over the last six to seven years.

"If they come flying round that corner what's to say there's not going to be a car in my garden? Or is it going to take a child being hit before something happens?"

The petition, which has been sent to police, Bradford Council's highways department, MP Gerry Sutcliffe and social housing landlord Imcommunities, was started by wagon driver Raymond Farmer whose porch wall was demolished when a driver veered into a lamp post, through his garden fence and into the house.

His garage has also been damaged by bikers doing wheelies and he narrowly avoided being hit by a speeding Audi earlier this month.

"There's a lot of kids on this street and I'm frightened of them getting knocked down," said the 58-year-old who has lived on the road for 37 years.

"I'm not bothered about the damage to my property, it's the kids. We're all getting really fed up with it.

"We're trying to make it a nice street . We're trying to get a community spirit for the street where we can have a barbecue and some bouncy castles for kids to play on, but it's just not possible until this is sorted out."

He said 92 per cent of households had signed the petition.

Shane Jeffery's daughter was almost hit by a speeding car as she crossed the road outside her house.

"The car came flying round the corner - it just flew down. She was crossing the road, not even playing on the street and it swerved to miss her.

"I won't let them play out now."

Now 53 people have signed the petition calling for bollards to stop the road being used a cut-through and for fencing or boulders to be put at the bottom of the embankment which leads to Kesteven Road.

An Incommunities spokesman said: “We have received a copy of a petition that we understand has been lodged with the Council requesting safer traffic measures on Wenborough Lane.

“As part of our partnership working we will liaise with the appropriate department on the matter. We will also look into the issue raised about illegal vehicle access onto nearby land owned by Incommunities.”

The Telegraph & Argus reported yesterday that police chiefs in Bradford have set up a new team to deal with nuisance bikers and those driving dangerously can expect to have them seized.

To pass on information contact the team on (01274) 373968 or email