TWO new units planned for a controversial business park could create nearly 100 jobs, according to its developers.

But planners aren't bowled over with what they see as a "rather disappointing" design of the building which would house both units.

A firm which manufactures surgical equipment is already lined up for one-half of the building, at the flagship Council-backed Baildon Business Park.

Portsmouth Surgical Group Holdings is set to relocate its Anetic Aid high-tech maintenance, sales and distribution teams from a site in Guiseley, to the park, creating 25 jobs.

A report to planners, on behalf of the developers Pendle Russells, says while the second unit did not have a tenant lined up, it was estimated that both units would create a combined total of 97 jobs, which "will be particularly beneficial when the country is emerging from recession".

But planners have given a less-than enthusiastic response to their design.

A report going before the Regulatory and Appeals Committee meeting on Thursday says: "Bearing in mind the original visions and objectives for the site, the detailed design and landscaping proposals are considered to be rather disappointing - being conventional and uninspiring - with multiple cargo bay doors which do not indicate an exemplar commercial development or demonstrate the setting of a high standard of appearance."

But Eddisons, the agent marketing the site, has said while there was a lot of interest in the site, there appeared to be a ceiling price which tenants were willing to pay, and a more expensive design would render the scheme unviable.

Planners have accepted this argument and recommended the application for approval at the committee meeting.

Ed Butterworth, of pressure group Baildon Residents Against Inappropriate Development, said locals had been given a string of broken promises, over hundreds of new jobs, high-tech design and good landscaping.

He said: "Baildon, and Bradford, have been let down badly."

He said the three tenants confirmed so far were bringing just 62 jobs between them, which he said were "mostly, if not all, existing jobs".

Six people have written in to object to the plan, including Shipley MP Philip Davies, who also raised concerns about the difference between "what is now suggested and what was originally agreed".