A woman scrambled from a first floor window to escape smoke from a kitchen fire in Bradford tonight and was taken to hospital after climbing to safety from a conservatory roof.

The woman, aged 23, was in a bedroom at the semi-detached house in Lindley Road, Little Horton, when a blaze involving a pan of oil broke out in the kitchen, starting a fire which caused serious damage and smoke-logging in the house.

There was no smoke alarm fitted and West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Watch Manager Sally Evers said householders should make sure they had working alarms, an escape plan and kept internal doors closed, especially at night, to prevent smoke from spreading.

“It has totally gutted the kitchen and the rest of the house was smoke-logged because internal doors were not closed,” she said.

Occupants were alerted by a burglar alarm, because the fire affected wiring. Two other females on the ground floor got out unaided.