A CARER left a vulnerable mentally disabled man alone in a car for nearly three hours while he went to the cinema, a court heard.

Victim John Auty had suffered from fits and seizures in the past and serious harm could have befallen him while he was left on his own, Bradford and Keighley Magistrates Court was told yesterday.

Yunus Navagar, 31, pleaded guilty to a charge of ill-treating and wilfully neglecting Mr Auty, on April 12 this year, at Bradford, when he had the care of Mr Auty, who lacked, or who Navagar reasonably believed him to lack, mental capacity.

District Judge Susan Bouch sent the case to Bradford Crown Court to be sentenced because her powers were insufficient.

Prosecutor David Ward said the defendant was a paid carer of Mr Auty, who had no mental capacity.

He said the complainant could not speak, was unable to communicate, had behaviour problems which could make him aggressive, and at times had seizures and fits.

Mr Ward said the defendant had been present some time earlier when Mr Auty had a fit and needed to be put in the recovery position.

He said the car park where the complainant had been left had a low barrier. "He could have fallen off it. It could have led to serious injury or death," Mr Ward said.

The prosecutor said that, having been left in the car for two hours and 45 minutes, the complainant was seen behaving unusually, and security staff called police.

Navagar returned and initially told police he had been to the toilet. He then admitted he had been to see a film at Cineworld.

Mr Ward said Navagar had spent time watching a film while the complainant was left on his own at the car, and there could have been far more harm.

District Judge Mrs Bouch said the complainant should not have been left alone without somebody to assist him at all times. The defendant was aware Mr Auty had a history of epilepsy and was there when he had a previous seizure.

She said the complainant had a significant vulnerability.

Mrs Bouch added: "There was no good reason at all why he was left there. It was for the defendant's own needs."

Navagar, of Carlisle Terrace, Manningham, Bradford, was granted bail on condition that he does not contact Mr Auty, or go within 100 yards of an address in Wibsey, Bradford.