A GRANDAD is about to walk for a charity that helped save his grandson’s life.

The 54-year-old community worker, who has changed his name to Muppett, leaves his Thorpe Edge home tomorrow to hike 150 miles in seven days for Amos Pascal Harker, who lives with his mum in Ilkley.

Amos, now four, was just nine-weeks-old when he had a seven-hour life-saving operation after doctors discovered he had biliary atresia, a rare condition in new-born babies where the common bile duct between the liver and small intestine becomes blocked.

Only about 50 cases are diagnosed in the UK each year and the cause is unknown. If unrecognised, it leads to fatal liver damage. Although Amos, now four, is making good progress it is likely he could need a full liver transplant in the future.

Muppett (pictured) said: “He’s making fantastic progress and his check-ups at hospital are getting wider apart. We still need to keep a close eye on him though because of his immune system."

Anyone wanting to sponsor Muppet, who works for CNet in Bradford, and help him on his way with the 2014 Walk For Amos can contact him at muppett@ cnet.org.uk or go to justgiving.com/ M-Uppett1