A woman receiving treatment for throat cancer had her Range Rover stripped of its headlights and grille while it was parked in a hospital car park.
Shirley Uttley, who is in remission from the disease, was one of three victims whose cars were targeted while they were inside the Yorkshire Clinic in Bingley.
The raids – part of an increasing number of thefts targeting Range Rovers in Bradford district – happened in a ten-minute period between Mrs Uttley, 69, going into the clinic and the alarm being raised.
Her daughter Holly-Faye Dunne, 32, said: “It’s bad enough that they are doing this outside people’s homes, and to people who work hard to own such a car, but surely these lowlifes know that sick people are going to be parked in a hospital car park. They clearly have no shame.”
The raiders, believed to be three people in hooded tops in a white Subaru car, were caught on CCTV as they struck on April 28. They smashed through the passenger-side window on Mrs Uttley’s car, popped the bonnet and stole the headlights and grille.
Holly-Faye added: “I hear that due to the large amount of incidents happening, the garages repairing these vehicles are struggling to get hold of the parts to do the repairs.”
Meanwhile, another Range Rover owner – whose vehicle has been targeted twice since February – believes Land Rover should make their vehicles and parts more secure.
Sean Conroy wrote to Land Rover after a witness said his car’s headlights and grille were stripped within 30 seconds.
He received a response, and said: “I would draw attention to the fact that Land Rover state, ‘I would like to assure you Land Rover makes every possible effort to ensure vehicle’s components are as secure as possible’. Really? Thirty seconds to smash a passenger window, pop the bonnet and strip the whole front of the car. Extremely secure!”
A spokesman for Land Rover said: “The vehicles in question are older vehicles and are no longer in production. There is no design fault or design issue with the vehicles.”
He added that all Range Rovers meet insurance industry requirements. The spokesman insisted it was a police matter, rather than an issue for Land Rover.
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