Outdoor fitness class provider British Military Fitness (BMF) is holding a free Easter egg hunt at Bradford’s Peel Park tomorrow.

It starts at 10am with an Easter-themed warm-up session, before those taking part are issued with maps featuring a series of clues that will lead to delicious rewards around the park.

The event is open to BMF members, non-members, adults and children. BMF recommends that non-BMF members arrive at 9.45am to answer a brief health questionnaire.

Kingsley Simmons, BMF park manager at Peel Park, said: “People of all ages love Easter egg hunts, and this special event is a great way for the local community to come together and have fun.

“We have planned a unique warm-up session which will be a lot of fun, but will also get people’s heart rates up so they are ready for the challenge.”

For more information join the event’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/BMFBradford.