A young woman had part of her ear bitten off when late-night fighting broke out in the Horse and Groom pub in Wibsey, a jury at Bradford Crown Court heard.

Another witness said she feared she was having a heart attack after suffering chest pains in the melee on the dance floor on May 25 last year.

Christopher Allsopp, 20, of Barden Avenue, Buttershaw, Bradford; Stephen O’Connor, 44, of Beacon Place, Buttershaw; and Sophia Blackburn, 24, of Torre Road, Horton Bank Top, Bradford, all deny violent disorder.

Blackburn also pleads not guilty to causing Stacey Wilkinson grievous bodily harm with intent.

Jason Johnson, 24, of Torre Road, pleaded guilty to violent disorder part-way through the first day of the trial yesterday.

Prosecutor Andrew Kershaw said pubgoers saw Miss Wilkinson and Blackburn fighting on a bench near disc jockey, Michael Cusack. They were pulling each other’s hair and Blackburn had pinned Miss Wilkinson down underneath her.

The women were pulled apart but the trouble then escalated, with up to six people piled on the floor fighting.

Elaine Crowther, then landlady at the pub, said she was collecting glasses when she was alerted to the trouble. She saw the women fighting and people trying to split them up.

She called the police and an ambulance when she saw Miss Wilkinson had blood on her face and a woman in her sixties was suffering chest pains and having difficulty breathing.

Julie Allsopp, Christopher Allsopp’s aunt, was in the Horse and Groom with her mother Susan and sister Sharon.

She told the court she was hit on the right hand side of her head. She was shocked and went to the floor.

Her mother was also on the ground and a man called Stephen was trying to gouge out her sister’s eye while grabbing her by the hair.

Julie Allsopp said she was kicked on the knee while trying to help her sister. She was x-rayed in hospital and suffered bad bruising.

Her mother was in agony and did not appear to be moving.

Susan Allsopp said she was knocked down in the scuffle and suffered chest pains.

“I thought I was having a heart attack,” she told the jury.

She was taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary for treatment.

The trial continues.