Burglars caused £650 of damage when they broke into an animal food shop in Shipley – and stole £20.

Now, fed-up Julie Brannan, who is a partner in Country Feeds in Wharf Street, has released this CCTV image of one of the suspects in bid to have him caught.

Mrs Brannan said it was the second time the business had been targeted in a year – and she believes it was the same culprits.

“When it happened last time they smashed the till up and got £300,” said Mrs Brannan. “I think they have come back again but we don’t leave anything there now.”

The first raid including the burglars targeting charity collections, said Mrs Brannan.

“This time I know they took £20 because there was only a £10 note, a £5 note and some coins in there,” she said.

The £650 repair bill comes because of the damage the burglars did getting in, including ruining the alarm system.

Mrs Brannan said her CCTV system captured the burglars wandering around outside the shop for one-and-a- half hours before they struck.

“They were ducking out of the way when cars went past,” said Mrs Brannan. “There were two of them. One of them went in. He was only inside for three minutes.”

Mrs Brannan had a message for the raiders: “We are sick of it. I don’t come to work for people to come and rob us.

“We are looking for them. I don’t want to let it drop, I want them caught.”

Inspector Hugh Robinson, of the Shipley Neighbourhood Policing Team, urged anyone with information about the burglary which occurred on Wednesday, January 22, at about 10.50pm, to contact police.

“It occured after a suspect broke into the building and stole a small amount of cash before fleeing upon the alarm activating. The matter is being investigated and enquiries are ongoing in the nearby area,” said Insp Robinson.

“Anyone who saw one or possibly two men fleeing the scene directly after the break in is asked to call the Shipley Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101 or CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”