A Bradford special school now has its own “tactile books” for blind pupils, thanks to a grant by a local company.

Chellow Heights Special School on Thorn Lane will be able to develop a library of the specialised books so the 60 blind and visually impaired pupils who attend the school can “learn to read with their hands.”

The school was recently awarded a grant by the Leo Group, which owns the Omega Proteins plant in Denholme.

Chellow Hearts, the school’s family and friends charity, made a grant application and were awarded the full £380 they had asked for.

Chair of Chellow Hearts, Vicki Street, said: “These books also use Braille, large print, textures and sounds, and will be a valuable learning resource which will last many years.

“They would also be loaned to families and hopefully create a platform for us to break new ground and produce our own books like these in school, as there is a real shortage of them to purchase here in the UK.”

Catherine Horn, Community Liaison Officer of the Leo Group, said: “We are delighted that these books will open up the world of reading to a new and young audience.

“It is an initiative that equips children with visual impairments with the same opportunities as other children, developing new skills at the same time to encourage independence.”