A manned public reception at Ilkley Town Hall is being axed, prompting questions about the historic building’s future.

Bradford Council says the limited public use of the reception does not justify staff costs.

The move comes amid the ongoing drive by the authority to save millions of pounds – which could also see the Council-owned Manor House Museum transferred to community management or mothballed.

The Council has removed a number of services from the town hall in recent years. It closed its cash office, where residents could pay Council Tax, business rates and other bills, last year.

Ilkley Visitor Information Centre, in an office at the front of the town hall, will remain open.

The town hall is also home to the Ilkley Parish Clerk’s office, and the parish council meets in the council chamber.

Councillor Anne Hawkesworth (Ind, Ilkley) said: “The new arrangements are temporary in nature. What is its future? This is a listed building of value to civic pride of the residents of Ilkley.

“The Core Strategy designates Ilkley as a principal town because it has provides central council services for the rest of the valley. It is rather disturbing that these changes are being done without discussion with the district councillors in such an underhand way.”