Some residents in Wilsden suffered raw sewage flooding in their gardens during heavy rain yesterday.

Kate Wilde woke at 9am to find up to 5ins of water and raw sewage at the back door of her home in Crack Lane after it had spewed from a nearby manhole cover. She had to put sandbags out at the top of her path to protect her property.

“It’s a good job it happened on a Sunday,” she said: “If we had been at work I think we would have come home to a flooded kitchen.”

Mrs Wilde said Yorkshire Water – whose workmen were called out to the site yesterday to clear flood water – had been called out by residents five times since September.

“I am fed up,” said Mrs Wilde. “It is disgusting.”

Next-door neighbours Ronnie and Caroline Bagdonavicius, who have lived in their house for 18 years, saw the bottom of their garden flooded with water and raw sewage. They said it was the third time it had happened since September.

“It is ridiculous,” said Mrs Bagdonavicius. “It has never happened before but it will be a problem whenever it rains.”

A garden wall at another property appeared to be on the verge of collapsing yesterday because of the flood water.