Baildon is taking a leaf from Bradford’s book by installing a free-to-use electric car charging point in the town’s main car park.

The town council has voted to pay £3,500 towards the scheme, which is 25 per cent of the cost of a medium-speed charging point.

Central government will provide the remaining £10,500 with taxpayers’ cash routed through Bradford Council’s Climate Change Unit.

Earlier this week it was revealed a £470,000 scheme by transport authority Metro will see 14 charging points placed across West Yorkshire, with the Bradford district due to get two.

They are expected to be placed at the Shell petrol station at Bradford's Staygate roundabout off the M606 and at the Shell petrol station in Hard Ings Road, Keighley.

Baildon will not be left behind, said town councillor Ian Lyons.

“We have had to organise it ourselves or we wouldn’t have got a charger as they are only being placed on major routes,” Coun Lyons said. “It will be in the Ian Clough car park and we hope that it will not only attract visitors, but also that local businesses will make use of it.”

Town council deputy chairman Joe Ashton said they were now waiting to finalise a contract with Bradford Council “We have been very pro-active about this. We have had lots of discussions with the Climate Change Unit and we are just about to sign up,” Coun Ashton said.

He stressed Baildon was looking to the rapid future growth of electric car use.

“Town councillors acknowledge that not many people have electric vehicles at the moment, but this is often because there are few public places they can be charged.

“The new facility will help residents and visitors to re-charge their vehicle near Ian Clough Hall whilst enjoying Baildon's centre and countryside. As the charger will be free to use for at least two years, it should be attractive to motorists,” Coun Ashton said.

“It’s also good for Baildon’s reputation as a welcoming and forward-thinking place.

“We anticipate greater uptake of electric vehicles in future years, which forms part of our vision for a greener Baildon.”

Meanwhile district councillor for Baildon, Debbie Davies, asked a pertinent question at yesterday’s full meeting of Bradford Council.

“I simply asked how many all-electric vehicles are registered in the whole of the Bradford district?

“It turns out there are seven,” said Coun Davies (Con, Baildon).