The number of accidents within West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service has fallen to the lowest number in 15 years.

A new report, which will be discussed by the fire authority’s human resource committee next week, show there were were a total of 153 accidents recorded across its workforce and sites between April 2012 and March 2014. This is a fall of 54 - a 24 per cent drop on the previous year.

A report to the meeting said it recognises that both the number of incidents attended and the size of its workforce has reduced and “these reductions are likley to have a proportionate effect on reducing the number of accidents”.

However, it adds: “Even when factoring this in, it does not fully explain the reduction in accidents.”

A spokesman said the “encouraging” result was connected to its support service’s aim of “providing a healthy and safe workforce” by reducing illness, injury and discomfort.

The top five most common causes of accident were musculoskeletal disorders, slips and trips, contact with different items, being struck and being exposed to hazardous substances like heat and fire, explosion and noise.