AMIN Jahanzeb looks set to finally get back in the ring next month, just over two years since the biggest moment of his career.

After an unfortunate, and he felt controversial, loss to Louie Lynn in a WBC International Silver Featherweight title bout in September 2021, the Bradfordian was a regular in the ring, bouncing back quickly with three straight wins.

But after being left frustrated in his attempts to box for an English title, and suffering an injury himself, Jahanzeb has been out of the ring for over a year.

He is due to fight in his home city at The Bradford Hotel though on September 16, with his aim to be competing for major titles again soon.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Amin Jahanzeb sits down Stefan Nicolae in his last professional bout.Amin Jahanzeb sits down Stefan Nicolae in his last professional bout. (Image: sxifvisuals.)

Jahanzeb told the T&A: “It’s been a long time, so it’s good to get moving again.

“I’ve had problems fighting for a title and they’ve arranged for the English featherweight one between two other lads now.

“But if I stay alive by taking fights, I’m hoping to push to be in mandatory positions to challenge soon.

“My manager is focused on giving me an opponent next month to come and give it a good go.

“It’s not easy, because not many would want to fight me on a small show in Bradford, but while it won’t be a top title contender, it’ll still be someone good.”

And Jahanzeb is eyeing quick progress, saying: “In a few months, after this Bradford fight, I’m aiming for a bout like I had against Louie.

“If there’s a title fight right for me, I’ll go for it, but in boxing, there’s lots of ego and bravery and you’ll say you’ll go up against anyone.

“But my team and I have to be logical and calculated with where we go after this.”

Despite multiple fight cancellations over the last 12 months, Jahanzeb is not worried about being rusty, saying: “I’ve always been in the gym training and sparring during that time.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Amin Jahanzeb is not worried about being out of shape next month.Amin Jahanzeb is not worried about being out of shape next month. (Image: sxifvisuals.)

“I’ve not fought but I have been preparing for fights until those late pull-outs, it’s not like I’ve just been sat on the sofa.

“I did take a break recently, as I get into shape really fast and didn’t want to overdo it and feel run down, so it is important to sit back and take time off if needed.”

When asked how frustrated he was to have missed out on English title fights with Andre Grant and Reece Bellotti last year due to their injuries, then seeing a hurt elbow stop him from taking on Angolan boxer Pedro Manuel Gomes in March, Jahanzeb was philosophical.

He said: “That’s boxing, it’s a volatile sport.

“Those kind of things can happen at any time, so you can’t even be angry really.

“If it’s your own fault then fair enough, but otherwise it can’t be helped.”

On the bright side, Jahanzeb’s next fight is very much on for now, and is set to be his first in Bradford in five years.

He said: “People have stayed loyal to me from the city.

“They’ve gone to places like Manchester and London and supported me, so I’m happy to give them this show in Bradford.

“It’ll be a good occasion to get the hype back up around me too.”

The card that night will be dominated by Bradford fighters, with Jahanzeb joined by Fezan Shahid, Tauseef Suleman and Francis Kershaw.