BRADFORD boxer Amin Jahanzeb controversially lost his WBC International Silver Featherweight title bout with Louie Lynn last Friday night, with no-one more frustrated than him.

The 25-year-old insists he was the rightful winner, with Lynn winning by technical decision after nine rounds after his head was split open in a coming together.

Two of the three judges scored the fight, held at the Copper Box Arena in Hackney, narrowly in Lynn’s favour, but Jahanzeb blasted: “It’s not just me, everybody thinks I won it.

“But I knew it might not go my way, as normally in a fight when they take so long to do the scorecards at the end, like they did here, the chances are you’re going to get ripped off.

“From the get go, I was in control of the fight, and Louie kept using his head.

“He wasn’t getting any warnings from the referee though, whereas I got one for holding.

“He butted me on both cheeks, under my eye, behind my head and behind my ears.

“But I felt I was still winning when his corner pulled him out with that cut, after he got hurt using his head.

“It should have been a stoppage to me really, but the referee called it as a technical decision, which I thought was a bit dodgy.”

On a brighter note, Jahanzeb said: “There were hundreds of people there, and while the place wasn’t sold out, it felt like it was.

“It sounded like I was in my own backyard, rather than in London, almost like I was fighting at Valley Parade or something.

“People were going crazy on my behalf after the final decision, but the biggest thing to take from it all was the love and support I got.

“What was nice too was that it brought everyone together, all my black, white and Asian fans, men and women.”

Asked whether a rematch with Lynn is on the cards, Jahanzeb said: “There’ll be talk about one, but his team won’t go anywhere near me again.

“They thought I was an easy move for him, with me having never gone more than six rounds before and having only fought journeymen, but they underestimated me, I was the fitter boxer.

“Louie said to me afterwards that he didn’t feel like celebrating as he felt I was the winner, and his trainer apologised, saying the decision wasn’t theirs to make.”

Talking about what comes next for him, Jahanzeb said: “I’m going to take a little break, as my face is all swollen from where Louie hit me, but I’ll sit down with my team in a couple of weeks and we’ll look at where we go next.

“My stock has risen after last Friday, and I’ve had world class trainers and former champions who’ve been in touch.

“I’ve got a good supporter base now and I think Friday showed I’m meant to be up there, fighting for titles.”