FILMING for a thrilling new show is taking place in the Low Moor area of Bradford today. 

AA Dhand's popular detective book series, Virdee, is being brought to life as a six-part drama for BBC One.

The broadcaster has been filming across the district as the pharmacist-turned-author's tense novels are transformed for TV.

Filming locations linked to the production of Virdee in Bradford include City Hall, Little Germany, the Grade II listed Old Building on Great Horton Road, Peel Park Terrace, and Spencer Road.

Now, film crews are set to use Harold Park on Cemetery Road. 

 Sign for filming at Harold Park on Cemetery RoadSign for filming at Harold Park on Cemetery Road (Image: Newsquest)

TV and lighting crews from PKE Lighting have parked up outside the park.

A sign has been placed near the TV set - urging drivers to keep parking spaces clear due to filming between 3pm and 9pm.

It's understood filming will take place in the park this evening.

Filming on Peel Park Terrace for VirdeeFilming on Peel Park Terrace for Virdee (Image: Newsquest)

The series follows Detective Harry Virdee, a cop who is caught between family struggles and the hunt for a serial killer targeting the Asian community.

When the murderer holds the entire city to ransom, Harry realises that he is going to need the help of his brother-in-law Riaz, a drugs kingpin who runs the largest cartel in the county.

Bradford author and creator of Virdee, AA DhandBradford author and creator of Virdee, AA Dhand (Image: Submitted)

Virdee’s cast includes Staz Nair as Detective Harry Virdee, Aysha Kala as his wife Saima Virdee, Nina Singh, Vikash Bhai, Kulvinder Ghir, Sudha Bhuchar, Elizabeth Berrington and Danyal Ismail.

Other cast members include Tomi May, Andi Jashy, Hussina Raja, Ashkay Kumar, Madiha Ansari, Jason Patel, Conor Lowson, and Rupert Procter.

Filming for Virdee in the Spencer Road area of BD7Filming for Virdee in the Spencer Road area of BD7 (Image: Khidmat Centres)

Meanwhile Virdee’s score is being crafted by world-renowned composer Hans Zimmer, the man behind the soundtracks for Interstellar, The Gladiator and Inception.

The German-born composer - the genius behind music for Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lion King, and James Bond movie, No Time to Die - previously revealed how Bradford inspires his work.

Composer Hans Zimmer, picturedComposer Hans Zimmer, pictured (Image: PA)

Before he hit the big time Zimmer was part of a band that toured working men's clubs in the north of England during the 1980s recession. 

This experience led to creation of a fictitious character from Bradford called Doris, who inspires the two-time Oscar winner when he is composing.

For a documentary in 2022, he said: "She wears a grey coat and is of an uncertain age. She's got two boys, her hair dye isn't very good and she works really hard throughout the week.

"Come the weekend she has a choice: going to the pub for a drink or coming and seeing one of our movies.

"She's a hero to me because she works hard and so when she comes and sees one of our movies I want to make sure she gets her money's worth."

The series score is being made alongside LA-based James Everingham from Bleeding Fingers studio, Indian composer Shashwat Sachdev, and trainees from Screen Academy Bradford.