Filming for an upcoming BBC crime drama brought excitement to Bradford as an old shop was transformed.

Virdee, a six-part drama based on AA Dhand’s thrilling crime novels set in Bradford, has been filmed in locations across Bradford.

Crews behind Virdee set up base at Khidmat Community Centre, on Spencer Road, and a nearby shop unit.

Residents walked past as the old shop in the heart of BD7’s community was turned into a TV set.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

A busy scene made of crew members, cameras, and huge filming equipment underneath tents unfolded every day for two weeks.

Sofia Buncy MBE, national co-ordinator at the Khidmat Centre, said: “It brought excitement literally to people’s doorstep but it also meant they [TV crews] had to mitigate modern day car number plates - it was a throwback scene they were filming to the riots - people walking across the shots coming to and from school, or going to the shop or places of worship. It was quite humorous to watch because people were living their everyday lives quite oblivious to what was going on and absolutely fascinated that the BBC would even want to come and film in BD7.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Virdee, a six-part drama based on AA Dhand’s thrilling crime novels, being filmed in BradfordVirdee, a six-part drama based on AA Dhand’s thrilling crime novels, being filmed in Bradford (Image: UGC)

The Virdee film crew used the community centre’s facilities and made it a place for lunch, makeup touch-up’s and parking.

Khidmat Centre’s teams also spoke with residents about what was taking place alongside the location team.

Sofia said: “On and off the team have been with us for two weeks. They certainly brought excitement and ‘Hollywood’ glamour to the neighbourhood.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: This shop unit on Spencer Road was transformed for VirdeeThis shop unit on Spencer Road was transformed for Virdee (Image: UGC)

“On the last day, a few of us with consent were lucky enough to observe a scene being filmed.

“We were excited. It was also good to experience from close quarters the behind-the-scenes activities. We got a lot of questions asked around what is happening. There was a great deal of curiosity generated.

“A lot of people don’t have the opportunity to experience what really goes on behind the scenes in making a film. Scenes are not always shot in one swift motion, there are several retakes, and it can take hours just to capture 20 mins of footage.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Filming for Virdee in BradfordFilming for Virdee in Bradford (Image: UGC)

"What we see on our screens is a polished and edited version. For Khidmat Centres to experience the running around, the chaos and the razmataz was exciting and also a learning experience.”

She added: “We were excited to see a BBC film being produced based on the writing of a AA Dhand, a Bradford Author. It shows the rich diversity and talent that Bradford has to offer and that itself will reinforce the concept of us being a City of Culture. I am sure this will act as a motivation for other Bradford writers to aspire and aim high as well as hopefully bringing some traction to the city.”