A GROUP of Bantams fans chanted and marched in protest against the ownership before Bradford City's game today.

The disgruntled supporters came together at Valley Parade before the home side's tie against Tranmere Rovers on Good Friday, at around 1.30pm, to showcase their disappointment at the club's "mediocrity" and in opposition to the stewardship of Stefan Rupp and CEO, Ryan Sparks.

It comes after Rupp, owner of Bradford City, released an open letter to fans on Thursday, apologising for the team's performance and addressing various lines of criticism levelled at him.

He promised to be more communicative moving forward and pledged to provide a more competitive budget next season.

The Bradford City Independent Fan Group, which organised the "peaceful protest", ran a poll on X in the wake of this, asking whether the event should still go ahead.

Just over 80 per cent voted in favour of continuing as planned.

Chair of the group, Steve Hamilton, claimed there were around 300 to 400 people in support of the movement at the ground, which began just through the entrance off Valley Parade and to the right of the Family Stand.

But it looked more like a group of roughly 50 people were stood behind a banner which read "promised progression, delivered regression, Rupp out", with a larger crowd of fans watching on nearby and sporadically joining in with the chants led by the main group.

Mr Hamilton said: "We have had various elements of unrest for some time as a club.

"Our members, which are now numbering nearly 800, have advised us that they're unhappy with the direction of the club, the lack of any clarity in terms of plan, the lack of youth policy, and various other things."

He added: "They're protesting the fact that, we want to have a club we can be proud of right now."

The protest officially began at 2pm, with chants such as "time for change", "we want Sparks out", urging Rupp to sell the club, and a show of unity in multiple choruses of "City 'til I die".

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The group after their marchThe group after their march (Image: Telegraph & Argus)

A couple of supporters tried to start inappropriate songs, tied to Rupp's nationality, but these quickly died out.

The group then marched, chanting as they went, around the Family Stand entrance, and up the stairs to the left of it onto Burlington Street, before heading down the stairway just off Cliffe Terrace and then looping back on themselves to end back near where they started.

Bradford City ended up winning their game 2-0, thanks to goals from Calum Kavanagh and Bobby Pointon.