A COUNCILLOR has welcomed police action after two cannabis farms were busted in Bradford

Police attended three properties in Bierley yesterday morning after receiving reports that cannabis was being grown inside them.

Cannabis farms were found at two of the properties on Fallowfield Drive. 

The occupants were arrested on suspicion of production of cannabis and abstracting electricity.

They were released under investigation to allow further investigations to take place.

The drugs and equipment were seized from the properties.

According to West Yorkshire Police, both properties were also found to be "dangerously bypassing their electricity meters".

They had to be made safe by the electricity board.

Today, Tong ward Councillor Matt Edwards, also leader of the Green Party on Bradford Council, praised officers for their work.

He said: "The neighbourhood policing team has been doing great work across Tong ward to disrupt large-scale cannabis farms - which are often linked to serious organised crime.

"I urge anyone with suspicions to make sure it is reported to the police and let them investigate it."

Fears over 'new generation of young people falling into criminality'

Earlier this week, Cllr Edwards commented after a blitz on crime in the Holme Wood area led to more than 200 arrests and more than £2million of drugs being seized.

A dedicated operation was set up a year ago in the area to tackle criminality and anti-social behaviour.   

Cllr Edwards said: "Residents in Holme Wood have told me that the want to see action from the police to address crime in the area and since I have been elected this has been a big priority for me.

"Over the last year I have supported the local police team in their request for additional officers in the area and it's working.

"But as a society we do need to rethink how we tackle this issue long-term. The lack of opportunities for people in places like Holme Wood, and the financial hardship that brings, is a big part of the problem.

"The criminalisation of drug use is fuelling organised crime and, until we address this, we are going to stay in this vicious circle.

"It's a very complicated issue and what really worries me is that further cuts to youth services - which could be on the cards given the council's budget position – combined with the cost of living crisis could lead to a new generation of young people falling into criminality."