A CAT rescue centre is fighting to save the lives of nine kittens after they were found in the city centre. 

Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary (BCWRS), which is run entirely by volunteers and has a dedicated critical care ward, said the kittens were found "tied up in a pillowcase". 

There was a 10th kitten, but it tragically died. 

BCWRS founder Katie Lloyd shared a photograph of the kittens and said: "Our first arrivals of 2024

"As many were ringing the New Year in 30 minutes ago these nine kittens were found by a Street Angel tied up in a pillowcase down an alleyway in Bradford city centre.

"They are currently absolutely soaking wet, hypoglycemic and hypothermic and only one has a detectable temperature

"Volunteers will be working all night tonight providing emergency care to try save their little lives.

"Sadly the 10th kitten in the pillowcase had died when they arrived."

She said they were all huddled together in an intensive care unit, trying to warm up.

This morning, Katie told the T&A that the kittens made it through the night, but are still receiving intensive care fluid therapy, glucose, and observations every 30 minutes.