Two Venturist groups and a nine-year-old girl are in the running for an award celebrating young active citizens aged eight to 16.

The nominees are Hawwa-Jannat Ibrahim, Archie’s Farm-Venturists from Rycroft Primary School, and Environmental Support Team-EST, Venturists at Newby 2023.

Hawwa-Jannat Ibrahim

Hawwa-Jannat loves to help everyone, according to the person who nominated her.

She was just eight when she helped save the life of her mum, who had collapsed with sepsis, by calling 999 and directing paramedics to their home.

The youngster is part of the worship committee at her school and is also a member of a children’s charity at school and helps to fundraise.

Environmental Support Team-EST, Venturists at Newby 2023

The Environmental Support Team - EST. Venturists at Newby 2023 are based at Newby Primary School, West Bowling. 

Their nominator said they showed passion, enthusiasm and dedication in making the environment better for the Bradford community. 

“These Venturists thought of creative ways in which they can make the community better, focusing on the environment and wellbeing,” she said.

She added: “These EST directors secured funding and planted a willow tree teepee in their school garden, encouraging wildlife back into urban areas as well as helping reach net zero.

She said: “These Venturists have developed an innovative project - planting trees to help save the world and engage young people in nature and the environment.”

Archie’s Farm - Venturists from Rycroft Primary School

Archie’s Farm - Venturists from Rycroft Primary School, has also been put forward for the award.

The scheme’s nominator said: “These Venturists showed dedication and determination to carry out a project that will instigate real change in their community. They had an idea that they were passionate about and they supported each other and worked closely with other adults to ensure their project developed into something that would really help the homeless and those living in poverty.

“These boys showed empathy and respectfulness when thinking about how they can help others. They have shown a great amount of friendliness and built positive relationships with people who tried to help them with their projects.”

She added: “These Venturists wanted to help the homeless have a healthier diet and help them lead a more positive life. They decided to plant apple trees in their school garden and nurture these saplings until the fruit is ready to harvest.

"Once the apples are ready they are going to distribute these to homeless charities in Bradford so Arche’s apples can help feed the homeless. These Venturists are also committed to planting more apple trees not only so they can feed the homeless healthy and nutritious food but so they can help reduce school’s carbon footprint and obtain net zero.”

She said: “These Venturists not only persuaded a panel of business leaders and community champions to award them with funding, they have persuaded their Forest School teacher to plant two further trees. These young entrepreneurs are also looking for more pockets of land where they can grow more apple trees, and they may have secured new areas to develop their apple farm with a local business.”

Finalists for Bradford's Community Star Awards

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How to vote

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Voting will end at midnight on Tuesday, November 21.

Speaking on the selfless work highlighted in the awards, Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe, leader of Bradford Council, said: “We are fortunate that across the Bradford district we have many kind, compassionate and generous people who make a selfless contribution to their communities and have a huge, positive impact on our district. 

“There are some absolute stars in our community and it is great that these awards shine a light on these brilliant people and give them the thanks and recognition that they deserve.”