This is what you get when you ask Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make a brand new Monopoly board for Bradford

ChatGPT suggested a list of locations for every colour set on a Monopoly board.

We used the following prompt: "If you were making a Monopoly game board for Bradford, which locations would you pick for each colour? Pick three locations for each colour."

The new technology has shocked the world through its responsive and surprisingly thoughtful responses.

Some of ChatGPT's suggestions for our Monopoly board showed AI still needs some fine-tuning. 

AI confused two much loved locations in the city centre to create the 'Alhambra Shopping Centre'.

ChatGPT said: "The Alhambra Shopping Centre is a large shopping mall located in the city centre of Bradford, England. It is one of the most popular shopping venues in the city and houses a variety of retail outlets and restaurants."

ChatGPT confirmed it actually meant to write 'The Broadway Shopping Centre'.

Meanwhile we had to ask AI to find alternative options for duplicated sites, such as Cartwright Hall Art Gallery and The Broadway Shopping Centre.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:


  • Bradford Interchange
  • Forster Square Railway Station
  • Bradford City Hall

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Light Blue

  • University of Bradford
  • Impressions Gallery
  • Bradford Cathedral

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:


  • National Science and Media Museum
  • City Park
  • Odsal Stadium

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:


  • Bradford Industrial Museum
  • Bradford Royal Infirmary
  • St George's Hall

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:


  • National Science and Media Museum
  • Bradford Playhouse
  • The Broadway Shopping Centre

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:


  • City Park
  • Bradford City Park
  • St George's Hall

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:


  • Little Germany
  • Lister Park
  • Shipley Glen Tramway

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Dark Blue

  • Saltaire Village
  • Cartwright Hall Art Gallery
  • Bradford College

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When asked why it had chosen each Monopoly location, ChatGPT said: "I picked these locations because they are some of the most iconic and recognizable places in Bradford. Alhambra Shopping Centre, University of Bradford, and National Science and Media Museum are major landmarks in the city, and Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, Bradford Cathedral, and Odsal Stadium are great examples of the history and culture of Bradford.

"The other locations, such as Bradford Industrial Museum, The Alhambra Theatre, and City Park are all important places in the city and represent the diversity of the area."