Have you heard of Chat GPT? 

It has become an online sensation because of its ability to hold natural conversations but also to generate speeches, songs and essays.

In the most basic terms, Chat GPT is a conversational AI-powered chatbot designed to answer questions and respond to queries in text form in a way that sounds natural and human. 

Built by US firm OpenAI, it uses information from the internet to carry out requests and has been trained on back-and-forth conversations so it is capable of understanding follow-up questions, admitting its own mistakes and limitations and rejecting inappropriate requests.

We thought we'd put it to the test by asking it to write a poem about Bradford - here's what it came up with...

Bradford, city of canals and mills

Industry that was once so strong

Built on long-held tradition and trade

Linking the city to the world beyond


Bradford, a city of change and renewal

Where new life is breathed into the old

A city of diversity and culture

Where everyone can belong


Bradford, a city of hills and moors

Where beauty lies in its rugged terrain

A city of history and heritage

Loved by so many who live and work here


Bradford, a city of sport and entertainment

Where culture is celebrated and enjoyed

A city of music, film and art

Where life is full of vibrancy and joy


Bradford, a city of faith and inspiration

Where people stand together in unity city of enterprise and innovation

Where the future is always in sight


Bradford, a city of green spaces

Where parks and gardens are plentiful

A city of strength and resilience

Where hope is never in short supply.


What do you think?