Bradford's MPs have lashed out at the Government for scrapping long-promised investment in a new Bradford train station. 

Today, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt laid out the Conservative's plans to tackle the cost-of-living crisis and rebuild the UK economy.

The autumn statement included increases to the national living wage as well as some benefits, state pensions and the household support fund.

But the decision to only deliver the ‘core’ Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR) route has sparked anger among the district’s politicians.

Councillor Susan Hinchcliffe, leader of Bradford Council, said: “Bradford is 'core' for us and indeed we are 'core' for all the Northern Mayors and Leaders who have all called for Bradford to be connected on Northern Powerhouse Rail.

"Government now need to show that Bradford is also important for them. Until Government have properly assessed the opportunity here I can’t see how they can make a proper decision.

"If the Chancellor is really serious about investing in growth and infrastructure then I can think of no better place in the country to invest than Bradford.

"We’re actively seeking a cross government meeting about Bradford’s rail connectivity and our new station plans and remain ready to meet with Government whenever they are ready.”

'Years of broken promises'

Labour MP Naz Shah branded it “the greatest ever train robbery of the North”.

Meanwhile Conservative backbencher Philip Davies said the Government should scrap HS2 and prioritise delivering NPR in full.

Ms Shah, who represents Bradford West, said: “After 12 years of Tory failure and difficult choices, today the British people were met with more difficult choices.

“The Chancellor and the Government have today committed the greatest ever train robbery of the North, by denying Northern Powerhouse Rail in full to Bradford.

“The only way forward for Bradford to get the investment it deserves is with a Labour government.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Mr Davies, who represents Shipley, described the financial statement as “sobering” and a result of “locking down the economy for two years”.

The politician said: “I am delighted that the government has protected the triple lock for pensions which will be a huge relief to many pensioners.  I am also pleased that the levelling up fund budget has been protected.

“However, I am very unhappy that taxes have been put up even further when we have the highest burden of taxation in living memory.  The government should have concentrated more on cutting government spending and all the waste we see in there.  

“The government should have also taken the opportunity to scrap the white elephant of HS2 and instead concentrated on delivering Northern Powerhouse Rail in full. 

“This sobering financial statement has again highlighted the idiocy of the covid lockdown as some of us warned at the time. It was obvious to a number of us at the time that locking down the economy for two years, paying people to do nothing, printing and borrowing money to pay them to do nothing would have devastating effects on the economy.

“Nobody wanted to listen at the time and it is no good those who were most in favour of hardcore lockdowns now bellyaching about the inevitable financial consequences of those lockdowns.

“I hope this will be a timely reminder never to do such a stupid thing ever again”

Labour MP Judith Cummins, who represents Bradford South, said: “I asked the Deputy Prime Minister yesterday, and challenged the Chancellor today and neither could commit to NPR with a stop in Bradford. The Government has refused to keep their previous promises to the people of Bradford.

“The reality that the deputy PM is referring to with the Integrated Rail Plan is, in fact, mere upgrades to existing outdated lines – not the brand-new high-speed links that cities in the north need to thrive. Lack of investment is holding back places like Bradford. We are not going to make do with upgrades to existing Victorian-era lines

The last seven years of broken promises sends a clear message from the Tories that they don’t see the potential of the North and don’t care. People in Bradford and the North deserve better.”

Speaking in Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, the MP said: “Seven years ago, in my first PMQ, a Conservative Prime Minister told me to stop 'griping' and get behind his rail investment plans. A few weeks ago, the new Business Secretary said that there wasn't really much point in going ahead with Northern Powerhouse Rail. Time and time again, Tory Prime Ministers have promised NPR only to break their promises.

“Will the deputy prime minister now put on record whether he supports Transport for the North's preferred option for NPR with a stop in Bradford?”

Responding to the question, Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab MP refused to commit to Transport for the North’s preferred plan.

Mr Raab said: “The £96 billion Integrated Rail Plan will make the Northern Powerhouse Rail a reality. We are committed to the project. The precise details will be set out in due course”

As the Deputy Prime Minister responded, calls of 'What about Bradford?' could be heard in the chamber.

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