LATEST NEWS: Woman given curfew for smearing poo on neighbour's door

A WOMAN is to face court for allegedly smearing poo on her neighbour's door.

Samantha Downton, 44, of Coxwold Walk in Allerton, Bradford is due in Bradford and Keighley Magistrates' Court tomorrow.

She faces two charges of criminal damage to property valued under £5000.

It is alleged that Downton firstly went round to another woman's house on her street on March 22 this year and wiped poo on her door and door handle.

This, it is accused, caused £10 of damage to the door, according to court records.

Downton then allegedly went round to another neighbour's house four days later, on March 26, and damaged a door handle.

This required extensive cleaning to the value of £10, according to court records.