A Bradford MP has warned poor access to NHS dentistry has left some people resorting to DIY fixes.

Imran Hussain MP (Bradford East, Labour) spoke as part of an opposition-led debate on access to GP surgeries and NHS dentistry.

Speaking in Parliament, he said: “Perhaps, there is more chance of finding gold bricks on the street or finding this parallel universe that ministers opposite live on than there is getting an NHS dentist.

“Because people simply cannot get NHS dentists, and we have heard accounts here of how people are being forced to carry out DIY operations at home. I have come across cases in my own constituency without anaesthetic, without any medical care, because people have no other option.

“Now, frankly speaking as the fifth largest and richest economy in the world, that is shameful, shameful that people are having to resort to DIY treatment at home.

“That is on this Government’s watch.”