THE FIVE MPS in the Bradford district spent more than £1 million altogether in parliamentary allowances last year.

Figures for the amount of parliamentary allowances spent by MPs across the country in 2020/21 were released by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority recently.

The data showed that Naz Shah MP (Bradford West), Judith Cummins MP (Bradford South), Imran Hussain MP (Bradford East), Philip Davies MP (Shipley) and Robbie Moore MP (Keighley and Ilkley) used £1,069,798.10 in allowances between them last year.

Ms Shah spent the most, with her allowances totalling £239,631.88, making her the 58th biggest spender out of all MPs.

A spokesperson for the Bradford West MP said: “All claims are made in line with the strict rules set down and managed by the independent body that oversees MPs’ allowances.

“These allowances are provided to MPs to meet the costs necessary to perform their duties on behalf of the people they represent.”

The overall total for each MP includes what they spent on their offices, staff, accommodation (renting in London) and travel and subsistence.

Ms Shah’s total was a huge £52,949.50 more than what Mr Hussain spent over the year (£186,682.38).

He used the least in allowances out of all five Bradford district MPs and was 490th out of all parliamentary officials across the country.

The second-highest total was Ms Cummins with £234,085.69, which put her in 92nd out of the country's MPs.

Mr Moore was in the middle of the five, but still reached over £200,000 with his allowances (£212,573.94).

His ranking compared to other MPs though was much lower than Ms Cummins', at 275th.

Mr Davies was the only other Bradford district MP, alongside Mr Hussain, to spend under £200,000, with a total of £196,824.21.

This put him 419th, in comparison to other parliamentary officials.

The five MPs used £121,054.78 in total in their offices, with £792,565.23 spent on staff wages.

Both figures were well under the maximum allowance for each MP when added together, at £182,450.00 and £970,150.00 respectively, as well as coming under each of their individual budgets.

Mr Hussain spent the most in his office (£29,712.98), while Ms Cummins used the most on wages (£182,454.52).

Altogether the Bradford district MPs spent £140,334.98 on accommodation and £14,622.11 on travel and subsistence.

All five of the MPs were approached for comment.

Mr Davies declined to comment, while the others did not respond.