A creative couple from Queensbury have embarked on a new chapter designing luxury silk scarves.

Steve and Katrina Kirby faced a long struggle to re-enter the workforce after taking time out to care for a loved one.

Inspired by Katrina's success as a freelance fashion designer and Steve's retail background, the couple began drawing up sketches for colourful scarves.

Graphic patterns based on famous 70s and 80s artwork were soon brought to life as Colettesilk.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Steve and Katrina Kirby, pictured. Steve and Katrina Kirby, pictured.

"Bradford really has been the spiritual home of textiles for many, many years," Steve said.

"Yorkshire is the best place for textiles, always has been, always will.

"Both my wife and I are at the time of life where gaining employment is nigh on impossible, plus the fact we had been caring for my late father in law for several years taking us away from the workplace.

"My wife has extensive fashion design experience and I have spent many years in retail fashion.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Colourful designs by Colettesilk.Colourful designs by Colettesilk.

"So, on pondering what to do next, we hit on the idea of selling our own designed luxury silk scarves."

Using expert advice from Start Up Leeds and Start Up West Yorkshire, the couple officially launched their business, Colettesilk, on April 6.

From bold stripes and triangular shapes to groovy mid century styles, the scarves are designed seasonally and printed in the UK on 100 per cent woven silk.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Photoshoot for Colettesilk by Steve Kirby.Photoshoot for Colettesilk by Steve Kirby.

Describing her creative process, Katrina said: "It's taking little germs of ideas from everything that you see. Sometimes you just see something and it just sparks an idea. 

"It takes a lot of time working on colour combinations. That's a really important art, making sure you're really getting the colour blend that works. 

"I'm always so full of ideas. It's sometimes quite hard to pin it down and get it to the ones I think, 'I really like this'. It's really very much personal taste. There are so many people out there doing painterly designs and doing fine art. I've always liked modern art."

In a message to anyone thinking about changing jobs later in life, Katrina said: "Nobody has to do it on their own. I'm always full of self doubt, I'm always questioning the work I'm doing and, you know, I would probably have let it go by the wayside, 'No we can't do this', without Steve saying 'Yes we can'."