The best and worst Wetherspoon pubs in Bradford district have been revealed - but would you agree?

Wetherspoons has six pubs across the district and their affordable food and drink options remain a popular choice for many.

Thousands of you have been sharing your experiences of the pub chain, good and bad, on TripAdvisor.

And if you dive into the reviews of 'Spoons' visits based on food, service, value and atmosphere, it certainly makes some interesting reading.

Here's the best and worst Wetherspoons across the district - based on the percentage of 'excellent' and 'very good' reviews.

A guide to Wetherspoons in Bradford district - ranked from best to worst

The Sir Norman Rae, Shipley

TripAdvisor rating: 4

The Sir Normal Rae in Shipley wins first place on our Tripadvisor list with 75 per cent of customers rating it excellent or very good.

It has the highest Tripadvisor rating across all of Bradford district's 'Spoons' branches.

'Cooked perfectly'

One reviewer shared her thoughts on the pub in the time of coronavirus - describing a number of safety measures and a "safe" atmosphere.

She said: "Brought a friend here for his birthday lunch and was pleasantly surprised how safe it felt re Covid.

"Lovely waitress talked us through how to order off the disposable menu and she came and took our order.
"Service was prompt, our steaks were cooked perfectly and came with 3 onion rings, half a grilled tomato and some peas."

Another reviewer simply wrote: "Great steaks .Fabulous value. Service good. We have the app and food and drinks brought straight to your table. More than enough to eat and cooked lovely. A lively pub. Plenty of tables. We enjoyed. Cheap and cheerful!"

'A rubbery cold lump'

One customer claimed this pub is "not as good as other Wetherspoons".

He said: "Although the staff were friendly and welcoming, my food was disappointingly poor compared to other Wetherspoon pubs I've visited.
I chose a Sweet Potato & Chickpea curry but the naan bread was cold, the poppadoms were soggy in the middle (they bent rather than snapped) and the small portion of rice came as a rubbery cold lump. The curry itself was good but the whole meal did not come up to the standard expected."

Another reviewer said: "Menu writing was so small you need a magnifying glass to read it."

The Obediah Brooke, Cleckheaton

TripAdvisor rating: 3.5

This pub ranks second in Bradford district with 64 per cent of customers describing their experience as excellent or very good.

'Like a community pub'

One reviewer recently dished out a five star Tripadvisor rating - praising its location and friendly atmosphere.

The customer said: "The Obediah Brooke is handily located for the centre of Cleckheaton and buses stop immediately outside.

"Service is prompt using the app and there's good crack between the staff and customers. While most Spoons can feel impersonal, this one feels more like a community pub than most.

"I will be back next time I'm in Clecky."

Another reviewer said: "Definitely one of the best Spoons as far as I'm concerned. Large, always popular establishment consistently serving good quality real ale with a better more interesting selection than most other Spoons. Always look forward to calling in."

'You don't need a map'

Another customer was extremely happy with the pub's toilets - so much so they dedicated much of their review to the loos.

They said: "Possibly the best Spoons I've been to? Decent sized place, great service when we have stuff brought straight to the table when we order off the app, and really great food that came fast and piping hot.

"Also you don't need a map to find the (massive) toilets in this one. Will definitely be back!"

But not everyone has enjoyed their pub visit.

But there were some unhappy customers.

'Could have broken my teeth'

One customer explained she had just moved to the area with hopes of making this her go-to pub.

But it didn't go to plan on three occasions, according to her review.

She said: "Could have broken my teeth on the hard strip of bacon. Chips were so full of oil. Best thing was the Latte from the machine."

One reviewer said: "Couldn’t find a clean table to sit at. Dirty glasses everywhere and tables not cleaned."

The Myrtle Grove

 TripAdvisor rating: 3.5

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A meal at the Myrtle Grove in Bingley (Photo: Tripadvisor).A meal at the Myrtle Grove in Bingley (Photo: Tripadvisor).

The Myrtle Grove in Bingley made it near the top of the list - ranked as excellent or very good by customers in 62 per cent of reviews.

'A steak to remember'

It won the heart of one reviewer for its food and, well, "an extremely charming server behind the bar".

This customer starts his review with the title "A steak to remember" and ends it with "What a steak!".

He explains: "Visited for lunch. Excellent steak on the 'Manager's Special' list - absolutely perfect meat, cooked to exactly order. My wife had excellent fish & chips. But no gas in the cellar - no handpumped ale, so I had a bottle of brown ale instead.

"I remember an extremely charming server behind the bar, but I can't really say that about the premises - nothing wrong, but nothing of architectural interest as you may find in some other Wetherspoon pubs. But what a steak!"

'Tiles missing'

But one local resident is calling on Tim Martin to refurbish the venue - expressing a clear disdain for the bathrooms and lighting.

The reviewer explained: "Overall appearance and social distancing are fine and staff and service are attentive and quick and prices are cheap. There are definite cons though, the toilets are a disgrace, tiles off the walls missing or patched up with MDF, 3 cubicles don't lock and heaven knows what the marks in the walls were! In the main room if you look up you will see the light fittings and heating/AC ducts are filthy coated in layers of dust and grime.

"The food we had was hot and served quickly, although it tasted ok the buttermilk chicken had a decidedly slimy texture. I believe this Spoons is due for a refurb and it is long overdue considering how popular it is with locals."

The Lister Arms, Ilkley

 TripAdvisor rating: 3.5

This pub comes has left more than 200 customers so happy that 62 per cent handed out an excellent or very good rating.

The Lister Arms' customers say they are "well spoilt for choice" after perusing the bar's ale selection.

'Tastefully decorated'

One reviewer was very happy with both the food and decor.

She said: "This one in Ilkley is very nice, rich carpeting & tastefully decorated.
"We chose the three small plates: chicken bites, nachos & haloumi fries. All were delicious but served on a plate which was different as we’ve had them served in a wire basket which looks more inviting."

Our lives during the pandemic also came into focus as part of some reviews.

In September 2021, one reviewer noted: "Good very clean , staff was really good especially when it came to taking an older mans details due to covid track and trace bless he didn’t have a mobile or phone but they soon sorted it out and was really polite and kind with him."

'Dryest burger in the history of man'

Others weren't too pleased.

One customer told Tripadvisor: "I went into this establishment today after a long mountain walk as a 'treat' and honestly was the worst meal ever. We had still frozen chips on our plate and the dryest burger in the history of man."

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The Livery Rooms, Keighley

TripAdvisor rating: 3

This pub was extremely popular too - 52 per cent of customers enjoyed their meal and rated it excellent or very good.

'Tim Martin should be proud of this team'

One person described this pub as a "credit to the manager".

The reviewer said: "A well kept, clean and busy Wetherspoons with hard working staff, a credit to the manager. Great place to be, spacious so you have a good choice where to enjoy your evening, I had a couple of pints and smaller fish and chips with mushy peas and was lovely and cooked perfect."

There was more praise for the pub's team in another review.

One customer said: "First evening out since the dark ages and where better than good old Wetherspoons, busy and the young servers doing so well, yes a wait at times but always worth the while, a few cold beers and then the price friendly burger deal and finely cooked, very happy with my evening. Tim Martin should be proud of this team and what it serves."

Some customers want Wetherspoons to heat their plates up and this is what they said.

One said: "The breakfasts in spoons are normally very good, but they all need to up their game in the plates being at least warm if not hot. The food consequently ends up being cold which was my experience today unfortunately!"

Another wrote: "Went in for breakfast to get a stone cold breakfast sent it back exact same one came back."

The Turls Green, Bradford city centre

 TripAdvisor rating: 3

While The Turls Green came in last place, 51 per cent of reviews were excellent or very good.

'Hideous carpet inside! - but great location'

One reviewer said: "Great location overlooking City Park

"Lots of tables and chairs on terrace to front. Hideous carpet inside! Helpful and friendly staff. Reasonably priced meals and drinks."

Another happy customer said: "Different staff each day and all were very efficient, friendly and polite. Had the traditional breakfast which was tasty and well cooked. Would definitely go again when next in town."

Some were disappointed by the quality of food served.

'Like cardboard'

One said: "Went in with friends for a few drinks, we ordered food it was awful, I had a pizza u couldn't cut it it was like cardboard."

Another added: "Country life spread on menu for toast but lurpack spread, NOT butter as before."

A third reviewer said: "The hash browns were cold inside, the beans were splattered around the edge of my plate and were cold, the toast was burnt underneath and there was no butter (even though the menu came with butter)."