RESIDENTS living in a troubled city centre apartment block have been told issues with security locks will be resolved 'as soon as possible' following a report by the Telegraph & Argus.

Intruders first gained access to The Grand Mill two weeks ago after those in charge of the building removed all the digit code locks on doors which lead to the residential areas, meaning anyone who knows the code to the exterior door can walk into shared kitchens and bathrooms.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Occupants described feeling "scared" as homeless people were found sleeping in their kitchens or the electricity cupboards. They were also concerned that the building was being used for prostitution as two condoms were found in the hallway.

But four hours after the T&A published the article, one of the companies in control of the building contacted residents to say they have requested a quote for replacement doors with locks.

One of the residents thanked the T&A as he felt the report pushed the companies involved to fix the problem.

He told the T&A: "I felt like I'd done everything. I was knocked back at each stage. I felt I'd been as kind as I could be.

"I'm very grateful to the T&A for doing what they did.

"Everyone was really pleased.

"My flat mate with the knife in her draw, she feels a little better.

"I suppose the general feeling would be it's great to replace them but they shouldn't have taken them off and they should have replaced them straight away.

"It's extremely mixed in the building with what the feeling is. Relieved but annoyed that they've ignored us for two weeks until the T&A reported it.

"They got back to us within four hours to say they're going to do it."

Residents say they feel left in the dark with no promise that they will have 24 hours notice before doors are removed.

When the digit code locks were taken off two weeks ago, one resident said they were ready to call the police after the removal was scheduled without notice in the early hours of the morning.

Although in one email from RCP, the company does suggest it will keep leaseholders in the loop.

The company said it would 'expect' to give appropriate notice despite not being the 'managing agent'.

A concerned resident added: "Many tenants will arrive home, and be unable even to get in to their apartments, due to their lack of new keys, or fobs.

"I find this approach rather short-sighted.

"The homeless sleeping and prostitution, that's probably going to continue.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

"There's still massive holes in the fire doors. The kitchen where you can't escape. The great, big, long corridor with no lights or day light."

In response to the article, a spokesperson for RCP Ground Rent explained: "All leaseholders will be kept fully informed on works to be carried out at the property and we would expect further detailed information to be sent as soon as such information is available.

"Naturally where emergency works are necessary then these will be dealt with accordingly."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: