RESIDENTS say they feel “stressed and unsafe” in their city centre apartments after security locks were removed to meet its insurer’s fire regulations.

The Grand Mill, found on Sunbridge Road, used to be protected by both a digit code lock on the outside and another set of doors with digit code locks, leading into the communal residential areas with shared kitchens and bathrooms.

But two weeks ago a decision was made to remove the digit code locks from the second set of doors - those inside - meaning anyone who knows the code for the exterior door can walk straight into the residential areas.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Confusion surrounds who exactly made the decision but RCP Ground Rent Management, explained it was “to ensure the building complies fully with the requirements of the insurer and fire regulations and are part of a larger program of works”.

Many residents say they are struggling to sleep at night as they listen to strangers walk through the corridors and set up a bed for the night in electricity cupboards, kitchens or bathrooms.

One of the residents, who did not want to be named, told the Telegraph & Argus: “We’re all scared.

“One of the electricity cupboards has been turned into a mini room by a homeless person. You can see a burned piece of foil which would indicate heroin usage.

“I found two used condoms in one of the corridors. I think the building is being used by some of the local prostitutes.

“The four digit code lock on the street keeps the door open for ten seconds after the code has been entered. This makes it really easy to follow someone in.

“Last Saturday, a homeless person followed a tenant into the building. She got scared and called the police.”

And this woman was not alone.

One female tenant confided that she now sleeps with a knife in her bedside draw out of fear.

Another woman said someone who assaulted her last year managed to gain access and now sleeps in the building.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

“It has affected my sleep, I am so stressed,” she said.

Other incidents include a man knocking on the doors saying he had forgotten the code but lives in flat 54 - this room is unoccupied.

Another resident added: “A lot of food has been taken from our kitchen, and the door was left wide open. I am sure that this is because of the homeless people coming in”.

Many feel those in control of the building have gone “silent” as they pray new locks will be installed soon.

But no one knows who is responsible for the changes and who ordered the lock removal.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

A spokesperson for RCP Ground Rent Management said: “We deal solely with the collection of ground rent and insurance premiums from the long leaseholders on behalf of the freeholder.

“The management and maintenance of the building is the responsibility of the management company which is a party to the long leases granted.

“We are aware there have been some issues with the management of the property and that the previous managing agents resigned, however they were acting on behalf of the management company and not ourselves or the freeholder.

“Our role in the building over the last few weeks has been to make sure that the requirements of the building’s insurers are complied with, pending the appointment of new managing agents by the management company.

“We act on behalf of the freeholder in the collection of ground rent and insurance premiums from the long leaseholders as payable under the terms of their leases.

“Issues with the stewardship of the management company came to our attention a few weeks ago, we reported these to the freeholder who asked us to try and resolve these problems.”

The T&A made several attempts to contact other companies and people involved with the property but received no reply at the time of going to print.

A Bradford Council spokesperson, said: “We received a complaint from a resident and an officer visited the premises this morning.

“We were unable to gain entry but will speak to the property’s management and investigate further.

“If any breaches are discovered, the council will take appropriate action.

“As this is a private property, it is management’s responsibility to ensure the building is well managed and meets all housing standards.”