THE BIGGEST pound store in the world was packed to the rafters on its opening day and the T&A went down to take on a challenge.

One Below in Forster Square Retail Park, dubbed the UK's "biggest pound store", officially welcomed the public in for the first time on Friday.

Reporter Brad Deas headed to the grand opening to try and see what he could get for a tenner.

There were two main focuses on the brief: delicious treats for the office and whacky items.

At 10am, the store was already a hive of activity with Brad having to battle his way through the front door to get his hands on a basket.

The store was expansive and had spacious aisles, which were much needed with the amount of people bustling around shopping.


Each section was clearly indicated as well, meaning our reporter was quick to glide past the health and cleaning products to get to more exciting and edible prospects.

The sweet, chocolate, crisps and soft drinks aisle was on the far left of the store and there were many deals to be had there.

First up, Brad grabbed a pack of Chilli Heatwave Doritos, followed by some Haribo Unicorns, Milka Confetti (a special request from the cameraman) and a pack of Caramel Crunch M&Ms.

Most items were priced at a pound, but others - such as the M&M's and Milka - came in at 79 pence, with products even cheaper.

The first part of the T&A's very own supermarket sweep proved that here, you can get quality for less, with hundreds of branded items available.

Not only that, here there were unique items that often can't be found in big chain supermarkets.

That was the case with Brad's next selection, a large 1.5 litre bottle of Oasis Summer Fruits.

The reporter also managed to pick up, a 1.5 litre bottle of Coke Zero, CoFresh Hot and Spicy Corn Crackers, reusable glass straws and Halloween crime scene tape before even coming close to the £10 mark.

Finally, on the expansive seasonal aisle, Brad seemingly only had 42 pence to spend and opted for a "Create Your Own" neon sign to tick over to a £10.58 total.

But, as Brad had been calculating on the go, a mishap meant he added an extra pound onto the total.

This meant that altogether - with two bags - the total spend for 10 items was £9.58.

Darren Hitchcock, Area Manager for One Below, said: ""We feel that this sector gives us exactly what the customer needs.

"Everybody is now far more price conscious.

"You could come in here and do your full week shop, from your food to your toiletries to your cleaning and you're still picking up things for the kids in the Halloween, party and the Christmas sections.

"So, everybody's a winner as far as I'm concerned."

He added: "This is the UK's biggest pound shop, without a doubt.

"We've got 22 metres of party on its own, well over six thousand items all priced a pound or below.

"There is nothing like it on the market and nothing like it in the UK.

"We started this business in March and we've grown now to, I think this is store number 55, off the top of my head.

"That's why I look tired with dark rings under my eyes, we're busy busy people.