1.These terms and conditions (“Rules”) apply to all competitions, prize draws, games, votes, promotions or any other similar commercial offering (“competition”) by or on behalf of parent company Gannett U.K. Ltd or any of its subsidiary companies, which together form the Newsquest Media Group (“we”, “our” or “Newsquest”). By entering into a competition, each entrant (“you” or “your”) is deemed to have read the Rules and to have agreed to be bound by them, together with any special rules, prize descriptions or instructions expressly stated to apply to any particular competition (“Special Rules”). In the event of any inconsistency between the Rules and Special Rules, the Special Rules shall prevail. An entry for the purpose of these rules includes making a vote.

2.Except where stated otherwise in Special Rules, our competitions are open to residents of the UK aged 18 years or over at the closing date of the competition. If Special Rules allow entry by persons below the age of 18, permission from a parent or guardian must be obtained.

3.Competitions are not open to our employees, the competition sponsors or anyone else connected with the competition, or the immediate families or agents of the foregoing. We have the right to verify the eligibility and identity of any entrant, including by means of a passport or driving licence and utility bill.

4.Entries must be made only by the methods allowed in Special Rules. Where entry to a competition is by premium rate telephone call or text, details of costs will be given.

5.Entries must be legible (or audible as the case may be) and correctly spelt, and must be made on the official form, if there is one, or the official page of the relevant website. Entries must include the entrant’s name, address, email address and telephone number where requested. By entering the competition, you confirm that all information submitted by you is true, current and complete. We may reject any incomplete, illegible, altered, corrupted or multiple entry or any entry which is otherwise in breach of the Rules.

6.Entries received after a stated closing time or date will not be entered for the specified competition. We have no responsibility for incorrect, incomplete, lost or delayed entries, or postal, telecommunication or internet faults, failures, or delays or telecommunication network incompatibility. Proof of posting or transmission will not be accepted as proof of receipt by Newsquest. Entries will not be acknowledged or returned.

7.We shall appoint the judge(s) of any competition. Where required by law or regulation there shall be at least one independent judge. The guiding principle is fairness: if the judge concludes that there has been unfairness, deceit or misinformation in an entry or the conduct of the competition, entries may be declared invalid or adjusted, the competition may be voided or the Rules and Special Rules changed, in any such case to achieve fairness. If no entries reach a required standard, prizes may not be awarded. In the event of any error affecting the competition, whether printing, technological or otherwise, the judge shall have discretion to continue the competition as if the error had not occurred. In all matters, including tie-breakers, the decision of the judge(s) or Newsquest (as the case may be) shall be final and unchallengeable. No correspondence or discussion shall be entered into.

8.If the competition requires the collection of tokens or vouchers, only originals are valid. No tokens or vouchers will be redeemable for cash. If payment is required for entry, each entry must be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee or proof of purchase, as appropriate.

9.The winner(s) will be chosen in accordance with the Special Rules, subject to the exercise of the judge’s residual discretion. A competition draw shall take place on the date as stated in the Special Rules and the winner(s) shall be the first entry(ies) drawn at random from all qualifying entries. Otherwise, where appropriate, the judge will examine all entries and award the prize to the entry(ies) the judge considers the best. A tie breaker may be conducted to determine an outright winner where necessary. If for any reason, whether foreseen or not, there are more winners than there are prizes, the judge may conduct a draw to choose the final winner(s).

10.Where we are unable to contact a winner within a reasonable period, or any prize cannot be taken up or is declined or returned undelivered, a substitute winner may be drawn or chosen (as the case may be) at our discretion without further notice to the original winner, and the original winner shall cease to be eligible for the prize or any alternative and shall have no claim against us, the judges, the competition sponsor or their respective agents.

11.Newsquest and any competition sponsor may publish or broadcast your name, details and/or photographs for promotional purposes in any medium and you are required to co-operate with any reasonable request to take part in publicity for the competition, your entry or the prize. The names of winners may be published by us (including online at the website address given in the Special Rules) or will be available on request by writing to the postal address in the Special Rules, specifying the competition and including a self-addressed and stamped envelope. Prize winners shall not without our prior written consent make public or disclose to other media representatives any information in connection with the competition or the prize.

12.A substitute prize of similar or greater value may be given should any prize become unavailable for a reason beyond our control. Cash or credit alternatives will not be offered and prizes are not transferable. Dates, destinations and other specific prize details are subject to availability.

13.Any prize winner will be bound by the terms and conditions attaching to a prize, for instance travel or venue tickets. Prize winners will be solely responsible for obtaining passports, visas or licences or complying with other regulations, wherever required.

14.We reserve the right to cancel the competition or amend the Rules or Special Rules at any time without prior notice. You must check regularly the relevant publication in which the competition is run and the website identified in the Special Rules for changes to the Rules or Special Rules. By continuing to take part in the competition subsequent to any revision of the Rules or Special Rules or any part of them, you agree to be bound by such changes.

15.Newsquest, the competition sponsors and their respective agents will not be liable for any circumstances beyond their reasonable control which prevent or delay the completion of the competition, or the award or delivery of any prize, or for any winner’s inability to take up or fully enjoy the prize in the manner and at the time specified. Where a prize is provided by a sponsor, such sponsor is solely liable to you for its failure or delay in delivering the prize or for any unsatisfactory quality or misdescription in respect of the prize. To the fullest extent permitted by law Newsquest, the sponsor and their agents exclude their liability for any damages, losses, claims, costs or expenses, however caused, which arise directly or indirectly from an entry into a competition or the award or non-award, use or experience of a prize to any entrant. We are not liable for any competition operated by a third party but featured in a Newsquest publication or website, which shall be the responsibility of such third party. Nothing in these Rules or Special Rules shall exclude liability for fraud or for death or injury due to negligence.

16.Newsquest, the sponsor and their respective agents are not liable for any damage to any computer or mobile telephone resulting from participation in or downloading of any materials in connection with the competition. You acknowledge that the internet is not a secure medium and information submitted to competitions hosted on websites owned or controlled by Newsquest may be accessed by third parties.

17.Any personal data relating to entrants will be used in accordance with current UK data protection legislation and our privacy policy, which follows below. We will not disclose your personal data to a third party without your prior consent except as provided in the privacy policy, or in these Rules or in any Special Rules.

18.By entering a competition, you confirm that any literary, musical, artistic, photographic or other work, including film or sound, (“work”), submitted in connection with the competition is your own original work or is lawfully licensed to you. You further confirm that your work, its entry into the competition and our use of it as provided by these Rules or the Special Rules does not defame any person or infringe the copyright or any other right of any third party, breach any right of privacy or confidentiality or break any law.

19.In consideration of its providing the competition, you grant to Newsquest for the full period of copyright (including any renewals and extensions) the exclusive, irrevocable licence for first publication, broadcast, display and performance and thereafter a non-exclusive irrevocable licence for publication, broadcast, display, performance, reproduction, distribution, syndication and other exploitation of any work submitted by you in connection with the competition, in each case in all media and formats and any future media and formats worldwide, together with the right to sub-license such rights to other persons.

20.The Rules and Special Rules shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and you and Newsquest submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts (except in the case of competitions run by or on behalf of Newsquest (Herald & Times) Ltd when the applicable law and courts shall be those of Scotland). Newsquest‘s websites are only intended to be accessed from the United Kingdom. Newsquest makes no representation that materials on any of our websites relating to a competition are appropriate or available for use at other locations and access to them from territories where their contents are illegal is strictly prohibited. If you access any Newsquest website outside of the United Kingdom, you are responsible for compliance with all local laws.

Newsquest Media Group Ltd, registered in England with company number 1676637and registered address at 58 Church Street, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8DP.

PRIVACY POLICY Newsquest competitions – privacy policy We shall use and take care of any personal information you supply to us as described in this policy in accordance with data protection legislation. By entering the competition, you agree to the collection, retention, usage and distribution of your personal information as described in this policy, as may be amended from time to time. But you can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us as provided below. (Persons under 18 should not disclose to us any personal information without first getting the permission of a parent or guardian). Changes to this policy will be published here and you must check regularly to ensure that you are kept up-to-date. When entering a competition we may ask for your name, email address, telephone number, date of birth, and other personal details. This allows us to process your competition entry, and we may use your details to contact you to keep you up-dated. If you log into one of our websites to enter a competition, some other technical data may collected automatically and this is explained in the privacy policy set out on the relevant website. Your personal information may be disclosed if we are obliged or permitted to do so by law. We may also disclose your personal information to other companies within the Newsquest Group and to selected commercial organisations. We or they may then send information to you about goods and services, by any means of communication, including post, telephone or email. By entering the competition you consent to receiving such material in this way, but you can ask us to stop it at any time by contacting the addresses below. We will keep your personal information securely on our systems for as long as may be necessary for the purposes described in this policy. At any time you can tell us at the addresses below if you do not want us to continue to store and use your details and we will delete them (subject to any relevant retention requirement in law). You are entitled to request personal data that we hold about you for a small charge. You can insist that we correct any information about you. If you do not wish to receive any communication or material or you want us to delete your personal data, tell us by writing to the postal and/or email address given in the newspaper or online in connection with the competition. If you entered by mobile telephone, you can remove your number from our databases by sending a text message to 80360 with the word ‘stop’.