Experts at the Cinema Theatre Association have offered to examine the interior of Bradford’s derelict Odeon cinema to see if it is worth saving.

Mark Nicholson, a member of the Bradford Odeon Rescue Group (Borg), which is fighting to keep the building from demolition, believes interior photos they have acquired show that the interior is in a better condition than originally thought.

“The images also highlighted the survival of so much original theatre fabric and layout,” said Mr Nicholson.

“It is this photographic evidence that has excited the experts. Hopefully the Department for Culture, Media and Sport will take much more notice of the views expressed by these experts.”

Mr Nicholson is one of two people who have appealed against the Government’s decision earlier this year against listing the building. A decision on the appeal is expected shortly.

Eva Branscome, of the Cinema Theatre Association, said that having seen Borg’s photographs and the report to the DCMS, its members have offered to lend their expertise and escort an inspector around the building allowing a more thorough inspection to be undertaken.