A passenger train and Bingley railway station were evacuated after a driver noticed smoke coming from a rail car after pulling to a halt.

It is believed the fire was caused by an electrical fault and caused only minor damage to the train, but it had a significant impact on services, with Northern Rail warning passengers of delays of up to 60 minutes as a result of the breakdown.

Firefighters were called to the drama at around 4.30 pm and found the train driver had already evacuated passengers and the rest of the station after smoke was spotted.

They isolated the power supply to overhead cables for both directions of track before investigating the incident, which appeared to have been caused by electrics on the train 'shorting' and catching fire.

The resulting damage was minor but rail officials told fire crews the train would have to be left in place for some time before it could be recovered, meaning services in and out of the station would be disrupted until mid-evening.


Rail bosses also said a fault with overhead wires near Shipley caused disruption to services, although that was fixed by 6pm.

Routes affected were Skipton to Bradford Forster Square and Leeds, and Ilkley to Bradford Forster Square.