THE recent announcement that one of Bradford's prominent office buildings will soon be eradicated from the skyline prompted a delve into the T&A archives.

Our nostalgia writer and researcher, Odele Ayres, discovered this photograph of the city's Jacob's Well area which notably demonstrates the changing face of that area of the city down the decades.

Taken in 1973 the photograph shows the mainstay - the Jacob's Well pub - flanked by the buildings which have already long gone such as Ormondroyd's mill - another example of the demise of Bradford's once thriving textile trade.

A report in the Telegraph & Argus in April 1973 talked of two and three quarter acres of some of the city's oldest warehouses between Nelson Street and Manchester Road 'disappearing in the next six weeks.'

According to the report a team of 25 men from Gill Excavations Ltd were instrumental in pulling down the two five-storey blocks and one six-storeys.

Demolition on the Nelson Street side, it said, would have be carried out 'piecemeal' to protect the public while the ball-on-a-chain method would be used to smash down the middle of the site.

It appears from the report that the development on the site was to be called 'Jacob's Well Plaza' boasting six office blocks, set in landscaped gardens, a restaurant and shops, but looking at the area today it appears the Plaza plans may have changed along the way, preserving the future of one of Bradford's oldest beer houses.

The Jacob's Well pub has literally stood the test of time and boasts a fascinating history. Apparently this iconic watering hole takes its name from a previous proprietor and the days when buckets of well water were sold at a penny a bucket.

The well in its cellar, although concreted over, is said to retain a useful purpose - keeping the beer cool!

And now the pub will once again be the last one standing as it prepares to lose another neighbour.

The Telegraph & Argus recently reported that demolition work is due to start this summer on the eight-storey high Jacob's Well office building.

Built in 1973 and opened in 1974, the pre-fabricated, reinforced concrete framed 'Trent' building has been predominantly used as offices for Bradford Council from 1973 until July 2016.

Last year Bradford Council's Executive took the decision to demolish Jacob's Well.

It is anticipated the building is being replaced by a proposed £20 million public sector hub.

“The demolition will provide savings on the vacant building's utilities and running costs which could be better spent elsewhere for the benefit of the district’s residents," says a Bradford Council spokesman.

“The site is under an option agreement with a nationally-known developer which is currently working on an office scheme that could provide a significant number of public sector jobs.

“Work is to begin this summer and is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.”