In the latest edition of our new weekly look back through the T&A picture archives, here are three football teams from years gone by.

Do you remember any of the players from these Campion teams?

CAMPION FC 1992: Back row, from left: Devon Beckford, Chris Peltier, Pat Warner, Mark Tasker, Martin Dawson, Simon Parks, Kevin Kesler. Front row: Owen Malcolm, Bryan Guy, Mike Carey, Nigel Barraclough, David Hunter, Eddie Alexander.

CAMPION FC 1993: Front from left: Simon Parke, Owen Malcolm, Chris Peltier (Capt), Mark and Martin Dawson.

Back from left: Edward Alexander, Patrick Warner, David Harrison, Mark Tasker, Alex Nesovic and Kevin Kesler.

CAMPION FC 1996: Back left to right: Delroy Dacres, Simon Parks, Sylvester Warner, Trevor Fennell, Phil License, Kevin Kesler, Pat Warner, Eddie Alexander.

Front left to right: Greg Watts, Neil Walters, Dolbert Smith, Chris Peltier, Dave Harrison, Karl Oxford, Simon Holdsworth.

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